Why High Value Women Will NEVER Want You

June 22, 2023
The other day I posted a video talking about my wife’s importance and impact on my entrepreneurial journey. My wife has been a great support system and also a reason why I have been successful. If I were single and chasing ass, there would be no way I could focus or do what I needed to do to succeed.

Reading some comments pissed me off about getting a prenup, my wife taking my money, and other negative sentiments. This made me realize that are a lot of men who will never realize true love or find somebody that is genuinely their partner. These men are buying into the red-pill-blue-pill bullshit. It’s not the woman’s fault; it’s yours. Your mindset is why you will never find a high-value woman to love you — you have a low-value mentality and perspective.

Why men settle for less and never find someone good enough for them

  • Viewing women as evil. It’s not them. It’s you.
  • Viewing women as strictly sexual objects. Women are people men will want to build a life with, support them, and have conversations with them. Women are smart and intelligent. However, modern-day influencers who show their bodies for money are equivalent to strippers. Don’t date a stripper; likewise, don’t date an Instagram model.
  • Begging for attention. Some men are willing to spend money to get attention instead of finding somebody who cares for them. They would instead beg or steal rather than do what you need to do to get her attention. Women don’t respect nice guys who kiss their asses.
  • Self-sabotaging. Men who are stoners, drunks, or users of recreational drugs will not have high-quality women because they will not want to be with irresponsible and unreliable men. Be honest with yourself because you will attract losers if you are a loser. Do not do things that encourage or enable self-destructive actions.
  • Being sloppy. The world has never been more competitive, and men who don’t care for themselves physically, emotionally, or mentally will not outshine their competition. Every single dude is after the same resources, including jobs, money, and spicy ass. Put your best foot forward, and smell the best you can!
  • Snooping and always scared. Women will leave men who are continuously checking up and questioning them. They will not hang out while their man works through his issues and insecurities. And understand that if she’s going to do something shady, she will do it. So, don’t waste valuable time worrying about it because that will kill the relationship.
  • Acting like a victim. Men who look at other people’s successes and relationships, thinking that life isn’t fair when the truth is they are not willing to do what they need to do, must get out of that rut. The world is full of victims; everybody likes to blame others. Accept responsibility and change your life. Stop whining and bitching and blaming.
  • Making a horrible 1st (and 2nd) impression. Speak eloquently and have strong body language. Men who use many filler words are not attractive, and men who constantly cuss have zero chances with high-quality women. They don’t want to be with a dumb man.
  • Not bringing anything of value to the table. Men who settle for sloppy seconds and don’t push themselves to go after what they want are boring, simple, and have yet to experience personal growth. Strive to better yourself and be intelligent. A high-quality woman is interesting and wants you to be equally as interesting.
  • Continuing to settle for sloppy seconds. Do not put others down or act like you’re something you’re not. Be confident and comfortable in your own skin. Don’t buy things to make others think you’re something you’re not. Strive to make other people’s lives better and make yourself happy.

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