10 Beta Behaviors That Will Ruin Your Life

April 16, 2024
I hate the term ‘Beta,’ and I don’t love the term ‘Alpha’ either. The whole idea that you’re either this or that is insane, but what the word ‘beta’ represents is not insane. If you’re exhibiting any of the behaviors of a beta or a less confident dude, it will ruin your life.

So whether you’re called a beta, simp, nice, loser, puss, or weak, I don’t care because if you’re exhibiting behaviors that we’re talking about today, that will ruin your life.

What you’re doing that’s holding you back in life

  1. Low self-respect. If you put people on a pedestal, kiss people’s asses, or have high self-esteem, you wouldn’t allow other people to treat you poorly or post stupid crap on social media.
  2. Entitlement mindset. The mindset of feeling entitled is not confidence. Confident men know they can accomplish what they want, but it requires work. They don’t want handouts. Nobody will come knocking on your door with a successful business, a great girlfriend, or fulfilling your hopes and dreams. Nobody owes you anything. Life is not fair, so you need to get off of your lazy ass.
  3. Laziness and lack of assertiveness. Hard work seems like a dirty word these days. But hard work and the challenges that come along with it will help you to enjoy the struggles. Hard work also makes success sweeter. Also, if you want to achieve things, you must stand up and then take a seat at the table. You cannot ask. You need to insert yourself, be bold, be assertive. You need to take charge.
  4. Overly accommodating. If you always ensure everybody else is comfortable and happy but not taking care of yourself, your happiness should not be the cost.
  5. Somebody else’s bitch. If you’re working for somebody else and trading your time for money, you’re somebody else’s. You’re making somebody else rich. Get out of your own way and become successful on your own terms. Make money while sleeping, and utilize the internet to make passive income. You’ll only be financially free if you have a side hustle or multiple income streams. Check out my White Label Mpire, which is helping almost 1K individuals launch businesses.
  6. Waiting for perfect timing doesn’t exist, so don’t wait. Success favors the bold and people who are willing to take action now. Do not procrastinate because you’ll never do anything incredible if you do.
  7. Apologizing when it’s not your fault. We’ve been trained to make everybody like us and feel good, so we apologize for instances that weren’t our fault. But do not apologize for speaking your mind, for wanting something, or for conflicts.
  8. Avoiding conflicts. Being overly agreeable will lead you nowhere. You must realize that standing up for yourself and saying ‘no’ is critical. When somebody’s trying to get you to be accommodating, it’s okay to decline. You must do what’s needed to move yourself in the right direction.
  9. Being financially irresponsible. You need a budget, a financial plan, savings, and investments. You need to build wealth. Do not pay high interest on credit cards or a home. Pay down your debt and aim to be financially free. When you do, the world will open up. You need to find your freedom number, which is your FU number. This doesn’t mean you’ll never have to work again, but you have enough money in the bank that you don’t need to stress about money. It’s freeing and liberating.
  10. Associating with bad people. When you see those red flags, don’t ignore them. Stand up for yourself. Nothing will ruin your life like being with the wrong people. You need to be honest and truthful with yourself.

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