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From bankrupt and driving a beer cart to multimillionaire, I'm helping millions of men look and feel their best…



In 2006, my wife bought me a video camera as a gift, and because I simply didn’t know what to do with it, that exact video camera sat in the box for over a year. A few years prior, I owed $400,000 in business loans and credit because my fitness center was failing. I was bankrupt, and I was left not knowing where to turn.

Growing up

I dreamed of owning my own gym. Discovering fitness at a young age was life changing for me; it became an escape to navigate through challenges I was faced with. The day I got the keys to my own gym felt amazing because my dream was turning in to a reality… but within a few years, that dream turned into a nightmare. I was 32, bankrupt, driving a beer cart to make some money to pay back debt. My life was bleak. I felt like a failure, I was embarrassed, and I had let my wife and family down. I had $57.25 in my account. I had to try something different…


After offering image consultancy for some people I knew, I went on VH1’s reality show with Vivica Fox called ‘Glam God’. I got kicked off the first day which encouraged me to go home and learn how to use that video camera still sitting in the box. I’d been on YouTube a few times before and decided to start making and uploading videos to the platform


First video

In 2008, I published my first video offering men’s style advice, not knowing where this journey would take me. The first comment I received asking a question about what to wear excited me; it gave me validation because this was something I could continue. I posted videos weekly for free, continuing to offer image consultancy for local clients, until a few years later I started to make some income from the YouTube partnership alongside sponsorships.

That was when my first Shark Tank appearance happened…


In 2015 I started Pete & Pedro, a grooming brand for men.

Not happy with the styling aids I was using, I sought advice from a world-renowned stylist about starting a hair care line. After a year of development, Pete & Pedro was launched. From storing and sending stock to customers from my bedroom, Pete & Pedro has evolved into a multimillion dollar business.


In 2017, I partnered with Rob and Kelley from Tiege Hanley.

I bought into their vision of creating high quality men’s skincare to rival other brands without breaking the bank.

Tiege Hanley is a simplified skincare system that takes all the guesswork out of looking amazing, forever. In December 2020, Tiege Hanley shipped it’s 1 millionth box to a customer, and today, the business continues to grow.


I didn’t stop there. I've continued to launch new businesses...

In 2019 I launched a sunglasses brand called ENEMY, and even though it became a brand I couldn’t invest my time into, I’ve continued to build and launch businesses. More recently, I developed and opened a high-end salon in my home town and continue to keep an eye on new business opportunities.

I’m an entrepreneur.

However, I’m still human.

My story, up until now, consists of more failures, successes, lessons, and opportunities that I continue to embrace. Bottom line is that I’m here to help you feel more confident whether that’s through the content I share or the brands I build.

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