My Story

Have you ever heard someone say they were born to do something?

Well, I’m that someone and I was born to do this! I know some of you are scratching your head and saying to yourself, “you were born to help dudes pick out underwear and talk about manscaping?” Well, the short answer is yes, but the long answer goes something like this.

I have always understood the importance of image. My mother loves to tell the story of my first day of kindergarten when I insisted on wrapping an entire roll of scotch tape around the ankles of my jeans before going to school, in order to create a more aesthetically clean look and line. (Come on… my favorite super heroes wouldn’t be caught dead with flared pants and I figured neither should I!) Little did we know the foundation of my life’s calling was being laid that day.

Fast forward five years or so…

…and as my mother casually glanced out the window one day, she saw little old me in the midst of giving my first official haircut. Somehow I convinced my 4th grade neighbor, Chris, that not only was it time for an updated hairstyle, but I was the man for the job. And quite a hairstyle it was! Needless to say, we both got punished.