10 Things Men Should NEVER Apologize for in a Relationship

April 28, 2024
I wish somebody had told me all of this information when I was younger and dating because it would have saved me a lot of heartache. It also would have saved me a lot of time and allowed me not to feel bad. That said, I want to review some aspects men should never apologize or feel bad about in a relationship.

Sorry? Not sorry!

  1. Having high standards. You don’t ever need to settle for something less than you deserve. It’s okay to say no and respect yourself enough to deserve the best.
  2. Taking it slow. Everything seems alarmingly fast in today’s world, but if you’re not ready to have an intimate relationship, don’t feel bad.
  3. Not going out all the time. If you don’t have the money, don’t get into financial trouble by trying to keep up with some arbitrary concept that a dude should always pay. Also, don’t buy into the fact that the dude is always supposed to have resources to do amazing things you see other fabulous people doing on social media. Keep in mind there are many free things you can do, and if you want to kick it together, you don’t need a bunch of expensive dinners or stuff.
  4. Not having an amazing body. Sure, you need to take care of yourself, work out, and feel confident. But don’t be ashamed or embarrassed that you don’t look like the dudes you see on social media who take TRT. It’s okay not to have a perfect body. Most people don’t. And these dudes you see who are ripped and chiseled are probably insecure about their weiners.
  5. Not having a humongous sausage. Don’t feel bad for not being hung like a mythical beast. The Alpha M rule of getting sexy and freaky applies here: take care of her first. Don’t worry about your size; instead, be a good and conscientious partner. This includes not having stinky balls. Use Pete & Pedro Balls & Body Powder for swampy nuts and stinky balls. Pete & Pedro just won the award for best ball powder, according to a recent study done by Ask Men.
  6. Who you choose to love or find attractive. It’s nobody’s business you find attractive because you only have one shot at this life. Who you choose to love is nobody’s business other than your own.
  7. Not being ready to have a relationship or settle down. Don’t let anybody pressure you into a relationship or give you an ultimatum. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. When you find somebody you’re supposed to be with and who’s amazing, they make you stronger and better. You will end up being more successful as well. On the flip side, it’s okay if you need to break up with somebody. Some men are in relationships they know are not good for them and with whom they shouldn’t be. Unless you are ready to make that hard call, you’ll never be able to find the one you’re supposed to be with. Unfortunately, breaking up is painful and hard, but you will find the person you should be with.
  8. Not having the nicest car or place. Do not get into a bunch of debt for an automobile. Also, it’s okay if you’re living with a bunch of dudes or even with your parents. But you need to save money and do what you must, like not going out as much or pulling back from dating.
  9. Taking time for yourself. It’s critical to have your own life, even as a couple. You’re not supposed to morph into one person. A relationship is about having two people who are good for each other and come together because they want to. If you’re dating somebody who’s insecure and doesn’t want you to hang out with your boys over, this is a problem. If she doesn’t want you to see your family, that’s a huge red flag.
  10. Listening to your gut. Our minds get us in trouble, and our wieners definitely get us in trouble. But our gut tells us whether this person is right for us. Don’t apologize or feel bad. Listen to yourself and trust yourself.

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