6 Tricks to Get Ready FASTER & LOOK BETTER | Ultimate 5 Min Men’s Morning Routine

July 3, 2023
To ensure you have enough time to do what you need in the morning, I would like to review some tips and tricks to get ready quicker. You will still look and feel amazing! All the things that I will show you are things I do to save time. One of the frustrating things you see in quick morning routines is skipping a shower. I don’t want to cut my shower because I want to feel fresh and sexy. So, I streamline my routine this way.

Streamline your mornings with these simple steps

  1. A single-pod coffee maker has been a massive game-changer for me. The cup costs a bit more, but this coffee maker is incredible if you value time and efficiency. Also, you can make the coffee in a to-go cup instead of using a mug.
  2. I take a cold shower which is fantastic for getting the juices flowing early in the morning and also excellent for your body. Cold showers help you get out faster and have health benefits. Also, combine what you’re doing. Shampoo your hair, scrub your body with a loofah, and wash your face in the shower. And then, before you rinse, shave your face by using the face wash as your shave cream.
  3. To style your hair quicker, upgrade your hair dryer. Drying and styling your hair does not need to take a lot of time. The Laifen Swift has been a game changer for my hair, and it’s a fraction of the price of comparable hair dryers like the Dyson. Also, you can grab it on Amazon here. Your hair will dry in a third of the time of a standard hair dryer. Once dry, use some sea salt spray with your hair product. I can have my hair styled in 30 seconds. Check out my demonstration.
  4. To get dressed quicker, pick out your outfit the night before. Lay it out, try it on, and you’ll have it waiting for you in the morning. This will allow you to avoid gravitating toward the same things you usually wear and allow you to look through your wardrobe. You may also need to iron something, which will give you time. You need to be able to work your wardrobe effectively, so make sure your wardrobe is not a bunch of chaos and clutter. Do not keep clothing you don’t like or wear.
  5. Make sure you prepare your lunch the night before. This step will allow you to save time and stay on a healthy diet. I’m a huge fan of meal services because they will enable you to have your mail prepared in advance. So either with a meal service or prepping ahead, you’ll always have something healthy to grab. Have your gym bag prepacked. This has been a game-changer for me. I’m not running around, trying to rush and not forget my socks or other things.
  6. Get to bed at a decent hour. If you’re staying up too late and struggling to get up early, you can’t be as productive as possible. Reverse engineer your morning to ensure you have enough time to do what you need. Whatever you do, you need seven to eight hours of sleep. Besides, you’re not missing anything by getting to bed at a decent time.

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