I Used a P* NIS Pump for 60 Days — My Results & Wife’s Reaction

June 29, 2023
It’s been 60 days since I started consistently using the pump, and it’s significantly bigger. It works! Even my wife recommends it and says the girth is the biggest difference. It feels like someone else’s junk- heavier, thicker, and longer.  I have gained 1.25 circumference and .75 inches longer. I last longer and get firmer too. To back up a bit, here’s my report after 30 days of use.

I wish I had this product years ago when I was younger and growing up. I always suffered from feelings of inferiority and insecurity about my size. If I had had this, I wouldn’t have been so insecure. I have explored ways to make it bigger and even published videos about lifestyle modifications such as L-Arginine, losing body fat, not drinking or smoking, etc. But after hearing so much about pumps, I wanted to see if they really work.

A lot of factors play into men’s insecurities about their penises. And when I started researching places like Reddit, I kept hearing about Bathmate. Lots of talks surrounded Bathmate’s benefits, so I placed an order for myself (the HydroExtreme). Shortly thereafter, I got an email from Mike, a fan of my YouTube channel. He offered to send two other versions as well, which I accepted. We made a deal that if I liked it, they would sponsor a video.

How to use it — and how it works

I was like a kid at Christmas, so excited to break into them. My wife was on board because she and I are both firm believers that if you can do something to make yourself feel better and more confident, do it. I started at the low end and worked my way up (suction increases). In the shower, you place your finger on the tip and fill it with water. Once in place on an aroused wiener, press it and create suction. Extra blood is pulled into the chambers, stretching them out. Over time, you will get bigger, thicker, and longer.

It’s similar to working out. When bicep curls are performed, the blood is pulled into the bicep to get engorged and big. Reps when working out are similar to the pump. The process takes consistency and time. Results don’t happen overnight, and this pump is not a toy. You must be careful not to hurt yourself, so take it slow. I overdid the HydroXtreme the first time and experienced a bit of mild bruising. I realized I had to back off.

No session should last longer than 15 minutes. I use it for 3 minutes, then chill out for about 2 minutes, repeating the process for up to 15 minutes. Some men have worn it consistently for up to 18 minutes straight but start slow. If I were to recommend one, it’s the HydroXtreme — game over. If you’re going to spend the money, get the best.

100% works!

This product will change your life if you want to make it bigger and more impressive. It works 100%. I will continue to use this product twice a week, just like working out at the gym. Research says that if you stop pumping, you’ll keep 50% of your gains; if you use it once a week,  you’ll keep 75% of your gains; and if you continue to use it twice a week, you’ll keep 95%.

You may or may not need it, but you’ll want it, and your partner will too. Grab a Bathmate from my special Bathmate page, which shows my tested selections. Pick one — and remember, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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