8 Rules {Stylish} Guys BREAK… That You Should Too!

November 3, 2022
Style rules were designed to keep average-looking dudes looking average. The truth is that even if you dress well in a matching outfit, you don’t necessarily look stylish. A matching outfit doesn’t mean ‘stylish,’ just like an outfit that doesn’t suck is not ‘stylish.’ Stylish guys do things differently, so today, I’m going over a few things stylish men don’t do that you should do.

ALERT — boring and basic wardrobe mistakes!

  1. Shopping at stores like The GAP. I love The GAP for ‘basic’ men’s clothing, but the operative word here is ‘basic.’ You must start investing and looking at different stores for different options instead of the same ‘basic’ and boring items that you’ll find at mall stores. Choose some off-brands. For instance, go online, where you can find fantastic boutique brands like Cuts Clothing offering premium quality for an incredible price. Also, mall stores make their clothing cheaply but sell them for the same price as these boutique brands.
  2. Spending less for more clothing. Often, the mentality is to obtain many clothing items instead of one premium item (five cheap shirts versus one high-quality shirt). The high-quality item will look fantastic and last for years. Understand that building your wardrobe is about investing in the best quality items you can afford. When you start investing in higher quality items, the fit is better, the fabric & construction are higher quality, and the durability lasts for years.
  3. Buying trends. By timeless instead. Don’t get caught in the hype of buying overpriced items. Buy classics that are of higher quality and will be timeless.
  4. Dressing down. Instead, dress above everybody else in the room. A style mistake is trying to blend in and fit in. You want to stand out for the right reasons. Be better dressed.
  5. Dressing big and baggy. Rather, show off your body and maximize your physique by wearing clothing that highlights your positive attributes while minimizing your perceived negatives. This reason is why I’m so obsessed with the brand Cuts Clothing. Cuts is all about the subtle details that accentuate your body.
  6. Dressing your age. Everybody is worried about dressing their age. What matters is that you are as young as you feel, so don’t let the old man creep into your mind or style. This sentiment does not mean that you have to dress in Abercrombie. However, you can blend a youthful look and vibe with any age outfit you are rocking. When you buy timeless and classic items, they work over the years. Check out my examples.
  7. Worrying about what others think. Guys want to dress better but don’t want people to notice. What is that point, and what does it matter? Don’t be afraid or ashamed to dress well. If you want to embrace a look, there’s nothing wrong with looking sexy.
  8. Letting someone else shop for you. Don’t let other people decide what you wear. Your job is to identify what you love because confidence is part of the battle. When you dress with purpose and intention, you will love the man looking back at you in the mirror. Don’t let somebody else choose your style or dictate your image.

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