12 Brands I’m Totally OBSESSED With in 2024 {NON-SPONSORED}

June 25, 2024
I’m currently obsessed with a bunch of brands — most are style, but two aren’t. Also, these are not sponsored.
  • I am obsessed with these American Eagle Selvedge jeans. I got them in two colors, and they’re amazing with a button fly. Perfect!
  • Check out my tank top from H&M. It’s literally $5. It’s snug through the chest, loose in the body, and available in a bunch of colors.
  • My Undo no-show socks that don’t slide down or get jammed in my toe are the next obsession. They’re like built-in slippers with flat bottoms and seams on the side.
  • My Axel Arigato sneakers are my next obsession. I have been stalking them for a while, and when I found this oatmeal color, I fell in love with them. They’re fun and comfortable. The downside is they are premium leather sneakers with a high price tag.
  • I’m also obsessed with my Nike Air Pegasus, an old-school retro style with a simple mesh.
  • My Gucci loafers are also another obsession.
  • My loafers work perfectly with another thing I am obsessed with –my off-the-rack Suitsupply slacks. I’m a tough fit because I’m short, but I found these off-white slacks at Suitsupply, and the fabric is fantastic. I had them tailored, and they fit great.
  • My camos are from The Gap. They are super comfortable and look great with white. I can also throw on a denim jacket, which looks great with them.
  • My Birkenstocks are super comfortable with a cork midsole/insole. I have a leather pair and a black plastic type. They’re great summer shoes that work with shorts or cargoes.
  • I’m obsessed with P&P Texture Powder. It’s like the new kid on the hair styling block, and it’s perfect for summer because you don’t want to wear a bunch of products that can melt. Texture Powder can be used solo, but I spray a bit of P&P SALT with it. I can also restyle my hair throughout the day.
  • My clean white v-neck from J Crew is an amazing t-shirt. I purchased it in black as well. I also love my All Saints t-shirts because they’re breathable and have a small, minimal collar. But they don’t really hold up as well. Check out the collar that got all jacked up. So, J Crew makes a superior t-shirt.
  • My wife bought me a TUMI briefcase for Christmas,  embossed with alpha. It’s super high quality and a fantastic bag. Although expensive, I’ll have it for years due to the high quality. Another upside is that it looks better the more broken-in it gets.

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