STOP Wearing Your Suit WRONG! 3 Rules to PROPERLY Suit-Up in Spring/Summer with Suitsupply

March 27, 2024
Nothing makes a man look sexier, more refined, and more powerful than wearing a perfect suit. On the flip side, nothing makes a man look more uncomfortable and awkward than wearing the wrong suit in Spring and summer. I want to discuss my favorite style destination, Suitsupply, and build myself a custom spring/summer suit. I will show you how to do it and share some pro tips to help you maximize your sexiness and minimize your sweatiness.

There’s no better store for a man who wants to dress refined and stylish than Suitsupply. It’s a style destination, suiting you from super casual to super elevated. Suitsupply is at the next level with cut, fabric, styling, and everything in between, such as shoes. You can visit Suitsupply in person or online. There’s also a hybrid option where you can start the process at home and then make an appointment to meet with your style advisor to get the perfect fit.

My warm weather suit

A spring/summer suit will have a lighter fabric construction. I prefer linen blended with silk or wool to add more structure and reduce the amount of wrinkling. Also, for this season, go with a lighter color, which is fresh and fun. You can elevate your aesthetic. The options can get overwhelming, but you can work with a style advisor to help you walk through the process. They can make recommendations.

  • I opted for two buttons, a natural shoulder, peak lapel, full canvas, half-lined jacket, and monogrammed. I’m also picking buttons that are horn.
  • For the pants, I am opting for a flat-front with tapered pants. Also, make sure your pants fit your hips tight because if they bellow out, you’ll have more of a feminine aesthetic, a bit more pear-shaped.

The finished product — wow!

Check out my finished suit. The fabric is a lightweight windowpane check. I paired it with a T-shirt and loafers. I could also swap those out for sneakers for a more casual look. I could also go the opposite and add a collared shirt and/or tie. The suit is very versatile, and the fabric is buttery smooth.

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