Science PROVES You’re MORE Attractive Than You Realize!

August 11, 2023
Your mom has not been lying to you. You are more attractive than you realize, and today, I will prove it. I’m dropping facts today and spitting the truth. Unfortunately, many of you are not confident and don’t feel as good about yourself as you should. And when you realize how attracted you are, do not act like a dick. Still, be humble.

How research demonstrates you’re undeniably attractive

  1. Compliments. If you receive compliments from both men and women about how you dress, smell, speak, or more, you are more attractive than you think. 
  2. Large features. Scientific research demonstrates that women find dudes with more prominent features, including noses, are viewed as more attractive.
  3. 6 ft tall or taller. You are definitely viewed as more attractive if you are tall. Being tall also makes you look more confident and authoritative. Research shows that men over 6 feet tall will make more money, sleep with more people, and have more opportunities.
  4. The Golden Ratio. If your shoulders are broad and your waist is smaller, that’s next level. Most men do not have the golden ratio and are not built like an upside-down diamond; most men are squares or ovals.
  5. Sub 15% body fat. Seeing muscle definition and exposing your forearms is next level because research has shown that men who expose their forearms are more attractive to women.
  6. Facial hair. Men with facial hair are more attractive than clean-shaven dudes. Research and data show that men with 10-day stubble are viewed as more attractive than clean-shaven or big beards. Beards give a man’s face interest, dimension, and strength.
  7. Sexy hobby. Certain hobbies will make you more attractive, including anything related to music or sports. But it’s not just playing sports; you could go to a bar with your buddies to watch sports and be as attractive. Don’t miss out on all the action this week at DraftKings! Download the DraftKings app today! Sign up through the link or through my promo code ALPHA1.
  8. Facial irregularities. According to research, data, and scientific studies, any facial irregularity (moles, freckles) or feature unique to you (like a scar) will make you more attractive.
  9. Good tattoos. Good tattoos are attractive; bad tattoos will make you look less appealing. Also, never get a tattoo on your face, neck, or hands. You shouldn’t be rocking it if you can’t cover it with a collared shirt. That is unless you’re a tattoo artist, a rock star, a hairstylist, or somebody who’s just badass.
  10. Hand gestures. If you communicate with open body language and are expressive by using your hands to speak, you are sexy. Also, research has shown that you’re viewed as more engaging and attractive when you talk with your hands. 
  11. Certain body hair. The right body hair is used as attractive, such as thatch of hair on your chest. But back and shoulder hair are never sexy. Arm hair can be shaved, making your arms look more vascular, leaner, and sexier.
  12. Messy or wavy hair. Also extra attractive is having a nice sexy full head of hair. But if you don’t, you can fix it or shave it.
  13. Smells good. Have a signature scent that is emanating and amazing, but remember that less is more (three squirts max).
  14. Charismatic. Engaging with good emotional intelligence is a low-key attraction hack. If you can connect with somebody and identify their feelings, you can click on a deep level, which is the next level of attraction. Also, if you’re somebody who helps others, such as opening doors or helping a little lady across the street, this is game over.
  15. Acts like a man. This means you’re resilient, confident, and competent. You will help other people and are proud but not cocky or arrogant. You get sh!t done because you’re a man of your word and character. You have integrity and are amazing. This is undeniably attractive.

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