8 Risks “Bad Boys” Take … That You Should TOO!

September 29, 2022
Today’s video is designed to help you unlock and unleash your inner bad boy. But let me clarify something real quick. When most people think ‘bad boy,’ they think of a dude wearing a leather jacket, driving a motorcycle, smoking cigarettes, and telling “f@#k you” to the man. But I consider a bad boy essentially a ‘badass dude’ who lives his life on his terms and makes things happen. He goes after what he wants, like Joe Rogan, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and even Rockefeller or Carnegie. Even Tesla and Edison were dudes who weren’t afraid to do something different to get what they wanted out of life.

99.9% of dudes play it safe and are good boys, doing what is expected. They go to college, marry a sensible girl, and are average. There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe. But, I want something more out of my life and will live on my terms to do that. You have to be willing to take risks, so I’m going to go over some risks that bad boys take that you should take too.

Risks badass dudes embrace that all men need to try

  1. Failure. The number one reason why most people never do anything substantial or extraordinary is that they’re too scared to fail. They won’t allow themselves to punch that little son of a voice in the mouth and say that you’re going to put yourself out there whether or not it’s a girl, a job, starting a business, or whatever.
  2. Rejection. Too many men are settling for subpar relationships. These relationships aren’t up to the caliber they are. Still, they are too scared of rejection and worried about trying otherwise. Nothing great was ever accomplished because it was easy. Average-looking dudes are seen with super-smoking tens because they are confident enough to ask and willing to risk rejection.
  3. Being scared. Dudes that are badasses are willing to be scared and uncomfortable temporarily. It’s not that they go blindly, taking uncalculated and wild risks. But they know they have to be uncomfortable to do amazing things. You’ll have to feel a bit scared and queasy if you want to accomplish something great. People that push it down and move forward are the ones that will eventually succeed. Just remember that you can’t win if you don’t play. Life is a gamble.
  4. Speaking your mind. Don’t be afraid to say something that potentially may offend somebody. If you have an opinion, don’t be scared to share it. Don’t be a sheep and fall prey to the mindset many people have right now. They’re so worried about making sure everybody feels good, so they never want to rock the boat. Bad boys rock the boat.
  5. Being yourself. So many dudes are worried about looking or acting a certain way to make others think or view them in a certain way. The truth is you don’t need to prove anything. You need to be authentic, and you need to be you.
  6. Having no plan. We often get paralyzed because we don’t want to screw up. So, we think if we learn, read, or find a tool for that specific situation, it will prevent us from failing. In reality, we learn the most when we get punched in the teeth. Jump and take action. Figure it out as you go. Don’t worry about not knowing 100% how to get there if you’re moving in a direction because you will eventually find the direction you need to go.
  7. Losing friends. If you ever expect to accomplish anything, you must ensure you’re surrounded by high-caliber people. Get rid of low-budget losers that aren’t going in the same direction that you are going (or want to go) and toxic people that make you feel bad about yourself.
  8. Taking the road less traveled. There’s the straight road — the safe road where you get the job, meet the nice girl, and do that whole thing where you’re safe. You live a fine life. But then there’s the road that’s a little darker and mysterious. That road is fun, sexier, and a little bit more exciting. You’re not sure about that road, but it will lead to incredible things, and ultimately your life will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams. Take that road because it’s more exciting, and you can always head back to the safe route to live that boring basic life.

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