12 {Nice Guy} Mistakes Making You Look LOW-STATUS

March 17, 2024
Unfortunately, some of you guys are making mistakes that are common to ‘nice guys.’ It’s a problem because nice guys are perceived as having low value. They will not get the high-quality spicy senoritas, will get everyone’s sloppy seconds, and will not make as much money or have as many friends. In other words, they will not live the life they could if they were perceived as having higher value. I will review some nice guy mistakes that hold men back.

Don’t let these behaviors hold you back!

  1. No boundaries. This is very important and one of the most attractive traits that a man can possess. If you’re always available and open, you’re constantly allowing people to take advantage of you, which indicates to other people that you have low value. Set personal boundaries for people and situations.
  2. Fake nice behavior. This behavior is typical for nice guys. They make nice gestures or kind things with ulterior motives. Just be a good dude.
  3. Conflict avoidance. If you’re always saying ‘yes’ or never standing up for yourself or the people around you, that signifies that you are a p^ssy. Nobody’s attracted to a weak man.
  4. Being needy. Whether or not it’s with people, girls, or whatever, there’s nothing sexy about a guy who is always needy, pathetic, and not coming across as confident. Kissing people’s asses is not respectable.
  5. Submissive body language. Communicate better by standing confidently, having good posture, looking people in the eye, smiling, and shaking hands. A weak shake makes you look low value. It’s all about confidence and how you carry yourself.
  6. Sloppy appearance. Don’t look doughy because others will think you suck, look weak, and have low value. High-value men care for their bodies and have body fat under 15%. They do what they need to do to take care of their temple.
  7. Messy dressed. Dressing is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to elevate your perception. Dress with style and intention. Dress like a grown-up. Invest in a tailored, high-quality suit to make you look confident and successful. You can also dress the suit down by wearing the slacks with a polo shirt, which is not your daddy’s polo. Mine’s from Collars and Co. The fit, fabric, and construction instantly upgrade your shirt game.
  8. Overcomplementing. Giving compliments is essential, demonstrates comfort in your skin, and makes others feel good about themselves. But there’s a fine line between giving compliments and overdoing it. A compliment must be authentic, so giving multiple complex compliments in one conversation makes you look low-value.
  9. Being passive. If you’re never taking action, not making decisions (always saying you don’t care), you’re acting like a nice guy. You need to have an opinion and be concise and decisive with your actions to look high value automatically.
  10. Having low standards. If you settle because you think you can’t get better or you’re worried that you’ll fail, then you don’t try, and you’re reducing your standards. Whether dating, getting a job, or pursuing your dreams, you must have high standards, translating into being viewed as a higher value. High-value men have high standards for carrying themselves and interacting with others.
  11. The Martyr Syndrome. Nice guys act like victims to gain attention. They try to get a helping hand or have people do things for them. Do not act like a victim. You are strong, capable, and competent. Take ownership of your actions.
  12. Not accepting responsibility. Low-value men deflect responsibility for their mistakes and say it’s not their fault. They’re always looking for an out and blaming other people. This automatically makes you look low value. High-value men accept responsibility for their mistakes and apologize when something is wrong. But they don’t overly apologize. Do not apologize for things that aren’t your fault because that will make you look weak and feel less confident.

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