10 Pants Adult Men Should NEVER Wear!

March 13, 2023
A few weeks ago, I posted a video discussing casual shirts that men should never wear. Check it out here. After posting that video, I received many emails from you guys asking me to discuss pants. This request is brilliant because I see dudes rocking pants that shouldn’t be rocked any more. That being said, I will review pants that adult men should never wear. 

Keep in mind that when I discuss fit that brands have different fits. What some brands call skinny may actually be slim in another brand. You need to go in and try them on. Another heads up is that Cuts has officially blown my style mind again. Their new pants are incredible. The joggers are flawless!

Men need to avoid these pants at all costs!  

  1. Big, oversized jeans. The truth is that this trend looks okay on certain dudes that can rock that style, but for the average guy, you will look shorter and less sexy because they are baggy. These pants have a longer rise, making your crotch super long and your legs look super short. The pant leg is also big and oversized, making your legs look short.
  2. Too tight, skinny jeans. These are out of style. You need a pair of jeans with some room and give to them. Also, the rise should not be super long. There should be a little play in the pants down to the ankle.
  3. Heavily distressed jeans. Adult men should not wear lots of rips, tears, and fading.
  4. Swishy pants. These pants are like warm-up athletic pants that make a squishy sound. They are baggier at the bottom and have a wide opening making you look short. They don’t fit well, and they’re not sexy.
  5. Baggy sweatpants. Again it’s all about the fit. If your lounging around the house, sweatpants are acceptable. But when you’re out in public, better options are available that will make you look like an adult instead of a little boy. Sweat pants will make you look very, very young, so opt for a jogger. Specific joggers are made for you working out. In contrast, others can be easily dressed up and are more appropriate when you’re going out. Joggers that are tailored and are not too tight in the leg are an excellent option. The ankle should not be super cinched, either. Joggers with a fly and a zipper with a little elastic on the side are the perfect joggers. Check out my example of joggers that can be dressed up or down (AO Jogger from Cuts, for example). Cuts AO Pant has belt loops and a snap instead of elastic. They look like the standard pair of chinos, except they are elevated in aesthetic. The fabric is super buttery soft and has a lot of stretch. They are the most comfortable pants you will find. You can dress these up or down as well. 
  6. Poking-out pockets. When your pockets are popping out is one of the most prominent style offenders. It means you have a big sausage, a big ass, or your pants are too tight. Your pants need to have a little bit more room.
  7. Pleated khakis. Pleats have come back into style. Remember that they need to be worn higher on your waist, which is a great look if you’re young and stylish. But for most dudes, you look like a math teacher if you’re wearing your pants high like this. Pleats typically look bad on most guys because of the extra fabric in the midsection. You want pants to drop down to where your natural waist is, and if you’re wearing pleats, they will pucker and open, making you look pear-shaped. Opt instead for a pair of flat-front pants that are timeless and stylish. Just make sure you don’t have a lot of extra room down the crotch and that the legs aren’t baggy.
  8. Baggy cargos. These are not an option if you’re an adult man. I know dudes love pockets and versatility, which cargo pants have. But choose cargo pants that are slimmer fit. Check out my slimmer-fitting cargos, which will make you look taller and more adult than a little kid wearing big baggy pants.
  9. Sagging. If your pants are hanging off your ass or if you squat and then they come off your ass, this is no good. Make sure you wear a belt or appropriate pants for your body. Also, if you’re wearing thinner fabric pants, always wear underwear because nobody wants to be able to see if you are circumcised or not. It’s all about finding the perfect fit.
  10. Too long. Pants that are too long will make you look sloppy from the fabric puddling around your ankle. Take your pants to the tailor and have them tailored. Don’t wear pants that look too long because you look like a dork.

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