10 Mistakes DAMAGING Your Testicles!

July 9, 2022
Unfortunately, virile macho masculine men are actually less virile, masculine, and macho than we used to be. Our testosterone levels are dropping, and I’m talking low (as in like plummeting). But, it’s not just our testosterone — our fertility, testicles, and the ability to do what they do are being annihilated. Today, I’m going over some everyday things that are damaging and destroying your balls.

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  1. Cell phone — we keep a sperm destroying instrument literally three inches from our junk!
  2. Lap tops — placed directly on your lap, the machine’s heat kills sperm, and WiFi damages sperm’s DNA as well.
  3. Cigarettes and marijuana —  men that smoke cigarettes had a 17% lower sperm count; if smoking weed, men were reported with 28% lower sperm count.
  4. Aluminum in antiperspirant deodorants — potentially increases cancer and dementia risk  as well as a lower sperm count. Pete & Pedro Super Fresh Deodorant is naturally derived and aluminum-free.
  5. Talc-based powders —  the asbestos in talc increases the risk of cancer.
  6. Parabens —  are endocrine disrupting chemicals that destroy testosterone and testicles. Pete & Pedro Body and Balls Powder is both talc-free and paraben-free.
  7. Caffeine — more than 2 cups a day (300 mg) causes risk of misshaped sperm.
  8. Body fat — man boobs, dad bods, spare tires (anything over 25% body fat) lowers sperm count.
  9. Regular alcohol consumption — prevents  testicles from being able to produce healthy sperm.
  10. Not releasing the hounds enough — you have to release to produce. Use it at least 21 times a month or lose it. Releasing also reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

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