99.9% of ALL Girls Are Turned ON by Guys Who Say “THIS” {Tested on 8,000 Women}!

September 28, 2022
Wing Girl (Marni) is here live and in person! Marni is the leading authority for advice about women and expertise in relationships for men. She and I just finished filming an episode for our new series, Chick Magnet, on the Alpha M YouTube channel. It’s dropping super soon. Stay tuned! Now, check out what Marni says about some of the questions I throw at her.

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Questions answered by Wing Girl

A guy goes out on an incredible date. How quickly after the date should he text or call?

We are living in the world of ‘instant,’ so you text immediately afterward. Don’t feel the need to wait 3 days. If you wait, she thinks you have forgotten about her, which sends her into a tizzy. If the date was great, you should solidify the next date at the end of the first date.

What is the compliment that a woman loves to get?

Nothing about her looks. Compliment her about things that are not on the surface level (talented, hard worker, great mother). These things are what you see, and nobody else sees.

What drives a woman absolutely crazy – a turn-on?

If you know how to flirt and banter, she’s constantly wondering if you like her, and she’s kept on her toes. The more you do this, the more she is turned on and excited.

What is the best way to flirt?

First, see if she’s responsive to PG flirting, such as touching, eye contact, and a few bantery comments. If she is, escalate to the next level slowly. It’s a slow build.

What is the biggest dating profile don’t?

Don’t be negative. Talk about the things that you want and the person that you are. Talk about your future and talk positively. How you present yourself is more important than the things that you say. Present yourself with pride rather than shame. You can be proud of who you are without saying it with ego. Even if you’re an average-looking dude, carrying yourself confidently and treating people well is the next level. It’s relaxed confidence.

What’s the best way to say I’m not interested after a date?

Literally, say that you are not interested. Don’t be a puss. Make sure to mix kindness and tact with it: You’re fantastic and great, but I’m just not feeling the chemistry and spark I wanted to with you; I wish you well.

What is something a woman notices about a guy that a guy doesn’t think she notices?

Women notice how men interact with the world around them. So when a man is in line at Starbucks, he should interact with the person behind the counter, flirt with a person in line beside him, and have fun because women are watching. That interaction with the world is what women are going to respond to.

Bathroom selfies? In or out?

Never do a bathroom selfie! Total turn-off! I have interviewed nearly 8,000 women and asked that specific question. They are not into it.

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