Go from “Cute” to Sexy in 30-Days {Transformation Plan}

August 17, 2023
If a girl calls you cute when you are 15 years old, you’re a stud, and she wants to make out with you. But if you’re over 21, a woman calling you cute means she does not find you sexually desirable.

A man being called cute is the kiss of death of attraction because kittens and grandmas are cute — not you. You want to be hot and sexy. When I think about cute, I think ‘average.’ Average isn’t bad looking, but it’s also not great looking. Average dudes are adequate but can be turned into extra sexy by doing a few specific things.

I will cover a 30-day plan to help you transform from being cute to sexy. If you implement and practice what I discuss, you will transform from a ‘cute’ average dude to a sexy beast. She will want to do naughty, sexy things with you. You will literally be a panty-dropping assassin.

Become a panty-dropping assassin in only one month!

  • Take your fitness and diet more seriously. Reduce your calories even for a week, and you’ll see a difference. Start going to the gym to make a difference in your body and how you feel. You will look better naked. Check out the Alpha M Diet Plan, which I’ve used for years. Also, check out my workout plans to build a better body.
  • Find your outfit of sexy awesomeness. ‘Average style’ is coordinated, matches, and is nice. Find a pair of jeans that fit you flawlessly and pair them with fashionable sneakers or double monk strap shoes. Add a Henley that fits you flawlessly and a denim jacket or bomber.
  • Grow 10-day stubble. If you can’t grow facial hair over the next day, 30 days, let it grow, and then edge the boundaries. Remember, facial hair is the men’s equivalent of women’s makeup.
  • Follow a skincare regimen. Using Tiege Hanley is the quickest and easiest way to have glowing skin that absolutely pops with sexiness. You’ll notice a difference right away. Level one is for a beginner system containing Wash, Scrub, AM moisturizer, and PM moisturizer. If you’re older, add the anti-aging eyes cream and super serum.
  • Address your grooming and hygiene. Trim your nose hair, change your hairstyle, address your balding or receding hairline by going to Bosley, trim your monster man bush, powder your musky nuts, and make sure you smell incredible to set yourself apart.
  • Quit drinking for at least 30 days. You’ll feel better about yourself, and your confidence will skyrocket. You’ll have an increased inner belief and strength in yourself and every aspect of your life. Also, drinking alcohol is consuming a bunch of empty calories. Beer also decreases testosterone levels and increases the likelihood of developing man boobs. Stopping drinking will also help you save money (think date money).
  • Step up your body language. Whether walking, sitting, standing, talking, or engaging, keep your body language confident and sexy. Make eye contact, shake hands confidently, and practice.
  • Stop kissing ass. You have to understand that pretty girls are a dime a dozen. Don’t be impressed by pretty. Be impressed by somebody who is a good person who wants to be with you and treat you with the respect, courtesy, love, and admiration you deserve. Work on your confidence and attitude. Don’t be obsessed with women. Be kind and courteous, but don’t be a simp.

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