How to PROPERLY Dress UP a Polo Shirt! | Polo Wearing Dos & Don’ts

April 11, 2022
The polo shirt is a men’s style essential. Every single one of you should have some of these in your wardrobe because you can dress them up and dress them down. They are so versatile! Today, I want to make sure you’re wearing your polo properly and go over a few polo wearing rules so you look like a sexy stud as opposed to a big humongous dork. I’m also going to show you a few of my favorite ways to rock a badass polo this spring and summer.

Polo Wearing Rules

  • Don’t wear big bold bright patterns or colors. These will make you look youthful when you actually want to look as sexy as possible. Go with a solid color such as blacks, greens, grays, and blues.
  • The fit matters! Don’t wear a polo that is too tight or one that is too big and baggy. The right fit is the most important aspect of wearing any piece of clothing, including polos. You will find some polos are square and boxy. I like Cuts Clothing polos because they are a bit snug in the chest and arms, and the body is tailored and tapered without being too tight.
  • Pay attention to your collar and sleeves. With a standard polo, these both will get sloppy and messed-up eventually. Look for a crisp, clean, and small collar that sits up. Invest in a higher quality polo that will fit better and not get super stretched out in the sleeves. The sleeve length should not cover your bicep and tricep, which will make your arms look super skinny.
  • The placket is important. Polos make you look sexy because of the natural fall or opening of the placket when you leave it unbuttoned. You’re drawing the eye down very similar to a v-neck shirt or a Henley. It’s creating a visual illusion. Don’t button it all the way up. Also, you should also not see a visible undershirt that is a no-go.
  • To tuck or not to tuck — it’s up to you. With polos you can tuck them in or you can leave them untucked or even do a partial tuck. The length should not be too long, hitting midway down your crotch.

Here’s how to rock a polo even better

  • The dressiest polo look. I absolutely love this outfit. You can dress down your suit with a polo in the summer and spring. I’m rocking it with a charcoal suit. Take off the jacket, and your polo is now paired with your slacks. We’re simple clean minimal loafers with no socks, and you’re absolutely killing it.
  • The second look is a bit more casual and sporty. I start with the white simple minimal sneaker with Cuts Clothing joggers and a simple, sexy, gray polo. It’s sporty and fun and fresh.
  • Crush it with double monks plus medium wash jeans, and a  beautiful green polo. It’s casual and subdued, and it’s a great date outfit.
  • Chi chi chi chinos are your light-weight warm weather pants. Match the green polo from the previous outfit with these chinos and some simple casual loafers with no show socks.
  • Check out my favorite date night outfits. Dark-washed non-distressed jeans, black dress shoes or loafers, and the perfect black polo is one my all time favorite ensembles.

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