How to Look EXPENSIVE… on a Budget!

June 5, 2023
One of my superpowers is finding items that look high-end and luxurious without spending a ton of cash. When I was growing up, everything I bought was from thrift stores. From a very young age, I learned to be creative. So today, I’d like to share some creative ways to look expensive for less.

If I walked into a room and you saw me wearing this outfit, would you expect the entire thing to cost me $60, including the shoes? The answer is hell no! But it did. I got the shirt off a discount rack for $9, the pants were free because I upcycled an old suit I wasn’t wearing and then had them tailored, and I got the shoes for under $50 from a company Bruno Marc. Look expensive with Bruno Marc shoes!  Check them out + use my special code 20alpham2

Style tricks to upscale your look when bargain shopping

  • Dress in dark monochromatic looks. Whether or not navy, dark brown, or black, you will look taller, leaner, and more expensive when you dress monochromatically. Expensive people wear dark colors, and they don’t rock a bunch of patterns.
  • Wear solids. Cut out all the graphic t-shirts and patterns. Look for timeless, stylish classics that will make you look more premium and are easier to match and coordinate. They will look timeless for longer.
  • Tailor pants. The wrong pants can make a guy look sloppy and broke. If you want to look expensive, have your pants tailored, whether or not it’s tapering the legs slightly or hemming to expose a little ankle.
  • Tailor clothing. Here’s an example of how tailoring changes everything: I got the pants from a thrift store for $9, then I spent $15 to have them shortened and tapered at the ankle. In total, I’m in for $24.
  • Shop smart.  (1) If you learn to go to thrift stores, you’ll be amazed at the nice stuff available. Realize you will have to hunt when you shop at a thrift store and then spend a bit of money to get the clothes you find tailored. You’ll be killing it and looking fantastic for less! (2) Also, many custom shirt companies will create a test shirt in either white or blue for $20. They hope that you love it and order more if you try it. (3) Another way to shop smart is at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, but you must also hunt for good deals and options like thrift stores. (4) Next, always hit the discount rack at your favorite store for significantly reduced prices. (5) This tactic goes for when shopping online as well; sign up for your favorite brand’s email list so that you can know about discounts.
  • Buy versatile items. Three of the most versatile, timeless, and stylish men’s options are white minimal leather sneakers, darker jeans that can be worn in all seasons, and a simple, clean t-shirt.
  • Accessorize. If you’re rocking a watch, it’s a quick and easy way to elevate your aesthetic. You could add a fun NATO strap or fabric strap to add a bit of pop to your outfit. Rings, bracelets, and glasses (tortoiseshell frames) will also elevate your aesthetic and the luxuriousness of your outfit.
  • Steps for suit specifics. Make sure your jacket lapel is not thin. Go with something a bit fuller, like a peak lapel, to elevate the suit’s aesthetic. You can find suits in both notched standard lapel but also peaked. Another step is to shorten and tailor your suit pants to see your ankle to elevate the outfit look. And regarding shoes, always go brown. I would wear black shoes if I had an all-black outfit. But I will always gravitate toward brown or tan shoes because they elevate the outfit’s aesthetic, looking cleaner and richer.
  • Avoid trendy items. If you want to do a statement piece like a cool watch or a jacket to layer with, those are great ways to look more premium and expensive. But don’t invest much money on a single item you can only wear for one season or a short period. Also, it’s not wise to wear clothing that has a bunch of logos or branding on it. Shoot for timeless classic styles that will work now and a few years from now.

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