12 BIGGEST Style Mistakes MOST Young Men Make

March 3, 2023
Today is a good old-fashioned Alpha M. style tutorial where I will review a few style mistakes that young men make.
  1. Pathetic partial tuck. A partial check is when you want to show off the fact you’re wearing a badass belt, like my Anson Belt. If you want to make this look like it happened accidentally, you must know how to do it properly. Many dudes look like they’re trying to do this or jamming it straight down in their pants. Make it look like it happened accidentally, or you look like a huge dork. Check out my demonstration.
  2. Overstuffed pockets. Many dudes look clean and sexy, but their pockets are packed with crap. To solve the problem, invest in a minimal wallet designed to go into the front pocket. Carry only essentials such as your insurance card, discount cards, one credit card, and a bit of cash. Also, a gigantic keyring with a bunch of keys is not a good look. Invest in something minimal where you have only the keys on it you need at the moment, keeping the other ones in your car or wherever. Just not in your pocket! Your phone should be inside a jacket pocket if you wear a jacket or coat. If not, the back pocket is recommended because it won’t distort the aesthetic of your pants which is the first thing somebody sees. Also, you don’t want to keep your phone close to your boys, which will kill your sperm from the radiation.
  3. Huge suits. One of the big mistakes I see a lot of guys making is wearing suits that are way too big. Grab a sales associate to get measured and then try on the suit. If you’re 42 regular, chances are you’re more of a 40 regular. Size down anytime you go into a store to buy a jacket, whether a winter jacket, overcoat, or suit. This will help to reduce the amount of tailoring you need.
  4. Long pants. This mistake blows me away because so many dudes are dressed well, but their pants are too long. They end up puddling down by their ankles. This sucks because it doesn’t look clean, makes you look shorter, and breaks the clean aesthetic from your eye to your toe.
  5. Belt screw-ups. First, The leathers on your dress shoes and belt must match in color, style, and texture. You need a casual leather or canvas belt if your shoes are more casual. I love Anson Belts, with their track system of micro adjustments and no holes. The straps and buckles are interchangeable, and Anson has an extensive selection from which to choose. Mix and match!
  6. Fake leather. It won’t wear like genuine leather if it looks, feels, or smells fake. The truth is that leather and fake leather jackets have the same prices. But if you want fake leather, opt for fabric instead.
  7. Visible undershirts. Seeing in an undershirt is an absolute style deal breaker. If you’re wearing one, have a deep enough v that the undershirt is not detectable. You could also wear a white wife beater underneath, but never solo out in public.
  8. Buttoning too many. You’re a man among men, so why are you covering up so much? The truth is that women find dudes who expose a little man-cleavage sexier. I’m not saying go 4 buttons down, but allow the placket to open up. This goes for polos and Henleys.
  9. Incorrect shirt length. You will reach up and look like Britney Spears if your shirt is too short. It’s not a good look. Conversely, if your shirt is too long and covers your crotch, that’s not a good look either. Your shirt should fall midway down, about halfway down your crotch. Additionally, don’t wear button-up shirts that are intended to be dress shirts untucked. Untucked casual button-ups are shorter than dress shirts. Dress shirts are designed to be a bit longer, so they don’t become untucked when you’re sitting.
  10. Muffin top. The dreaded muffin top kills your style due to the bunch of fabric hanging out of your pants. One way to solve this is to wear an Anson Belt. Another option is to have more tailored shirts. Standard off-the-rack shirts tend to be a bit boxy and roomy. Look for tailored or slim-fit dress shirts or button-ups.
  11. Sloppy & baggy. (a) Expose your forearms, but do it right. Don’t do a half-ass, sloppy roll which is not stylish. Here’s how (b) Wear clothing that fits your body — not baggy. If you’re going with a trend like oversized, it will make you look skinny.
  12. Trend hopping. (a)  You’ll be wasting a ton of money when trend hopping because trendy clothing won’t be in style months from now. Build your wardrobe around the basic and timeless styles, and add one or two trendy items.. (b) The ‘look at me clothing’ (aka flashy clothes) will be worn once or twice, but you spent a ton of cash on it.

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