8 Bad Habits ALL Young Men Must BREAK in their 20s!

November 25, 2022
I wish somebody would have told me what I’m about to tell you guys. I will review some dangerous and self-destructive habits that you may think are no big deal. But, as you get older, you will realize how important stopping these bad habits in your 20s is. If you are already in your 30s, you can still stop. Even if you’re in your 40s, try eliminating some of these as soon as possible.

The sooner you stop these bad habits, the better off you’ll be. A bonus tip is to stop waiting for perfect timing. It doesn’t exist. If you want something, go out and get it. Don’t wait because nobody will come to knock on your door and deliver you success like a pizza.

Bad habits you need to break ASAP!

  1. Kissing people’s asses. If you do something wrong, of course, apologize. But you shouldn’t be taking ownership and blame for something to make people like you or not disagree or fight with you. I used to apologize and take responsibility for everybody because I was a huge people pleaser. I would kiss ass to the point of being disgusted with myself. Ultimately, going to therapy made me realize that I am valuable and don’t need to kiss people’s asses. If someone doesn’t like me, no big deal. Once I learned to say no, my confidence skyrocketed. You should never feel ashamed for taking care of yourself.
  2. Neglecting your mental health. Some guys are in physically good shape but may be unable to deal with issues. You need to start having those conversations if you are one of those not dealing with your problems. Protect yourself physically and mentally. Developing emotional and mental strength starts when you’re young. You deserve to be happy; if that means going to therapy and having hard conversations, you’re worth it.
  3. Not taking care of your body. You need to exercise. I started exercising at 12 years old, which was the best decision I ever made. That habit has allowed me to overcome some of the hurt, struggles, and challenges that I faced over my lifetime. Physical fitness is a critical component of overall physical well-being, but you must also keep your diet in check. Don’t get in the habit of eating like crap. Fitness starts with food, and I’m obsessed with Factor. All of Factor’s meals are chef-inspired and healthy. They use fresh ingredients, and they save you money. If you don’t like to meal prep, Factor has you covered. Use code ALPHAM60 to get 60% off your first Factor box.
  4. Binge drinking and doing drugs. The sooner you stop binge drinking and getting blackout-wasted drunk, the sooner you will feel better about yourself. Don’t smoke weed (or cigarettes, for that matter). You may not think it’s a big deal now, but later in life, you’ll realize what a big deal it actually is.
  5. Hanging out with people you’ve outgrown. During your personal evolution and journey, you will outgrow people. But one of the worst things you can do is hang on to them or drag them along. Not everybody wants the same things as you do, and it’s okay to recognize that the relationship has run its course. Sure, you can still talk but not routinely hang out. Shed the baggage of toxic people.
  6. Spending money you don’t have. You should live below your means, set a budget, and save and invest your money. Determine what financial freedom looks like for you. My financial freedom number was $5,000. After I got 5,000 in my bank account, I stopped thinking about money for the first time. My life started to get better because I wasn’t worried and using my mental bandwidth to figure out how to pay my bills.
  7. Not having structure or a daily schedule. Don’t wing your days. Have a structure with prioritization so that your productivity will skyrocket and you will have the ability to focus. Put your head down and block out the outside noise so you can do what you need to get things done. It’s a powerful skill to develop for success and productivity. Get out of the procrastination mindset. Instead, concentrate and work.
  8. Living vicariously through others. Instead of looking at other people’s lives through social media, put your phone down and get off social media. Go out, do cool things, explore, and fill your life with exciting fun. And don’t feel compelled to post everything you do on social media. It’s okay to have privacy.

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