I Bought a New Car… and It SUCKS! {Not Clickbait}

February 6, 2024
I am more excited for pizza than my new car — because it sucks. It all starts with the over-budget dream house that I am building. As I have been building my home, the lease on my car has expired. I am not really a car guy, but I had to consider what I wanted to get. I could have a better track record with cars. And I don’t need anything costly.

My car history in a nutshell

My favorite has been the Infiniti G35. I also had a BMW M4 for about 3 years, but I felt it was stiff. I prefer a sedan, so I went for the BMW M850i next. After driving it for a while, I felt like I was wasting a lot of money. They repurchased it because I had positive equity. The mom car X6 was next- cheaper and a beast.

Why I keep with BMW

At this point, I am back at the BMW dealership. I keep going back because of the GM and sales associate. They have made my life so easy and comfortable with their customer service. They take care of me. That’s the key to a successful business. Join my White Label Mpire community, where I host a group of entrepreneurs who share advice and tips. We uplift and support each other. I also go live for coaching once a week for 2 hours. You can learn how to start and scale your own business. Make yourself more financially stable and create financial freedom.

I also keep returning to BMW because of their consistency — I don’t want to learn new technology. Well, my new car doesn’t suck as I thought. The goal was a lower car payment, which I achieved. It’s similar to my old BMW M850i, but my monthly payment is lower significantly. I have a three-year lease as well. Getting back into a sedan instead of an SUV is weird, and it will take some getting used to it.

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