10 WORST Style Mistakes ALL Young Men Make!

July 2, 2021
Style is totally subjective — and that’s one of the reasons I fell in love with it in the first place. Style is personal; however, some mistakes are next-level unacceptable.

{Next-level} unacceptable {young men} style issues

  1. Too many patterns & colors — when matching, you have to consider (a) the pattern’s style and (b) the pattern’s size and density. To wear two of the same patterns, sizes and dimensions must differ. You can also wear different patterns together, but the sizes and dimensions also must vary. Even with solids, patterns must be considered. Check out my examples. Here’s an alpha m. rule: one pattern. If your suit, jacket, or shirt has a pattern, let everything else be solid. If your tie has a pattern, go with a solid suit.
  2. Black dress shirts & suits — I don’t like black suits; they make men look like pallbearers. The charcoal gray is a much more versatile option as it works with pretty much anything. Now, black dress shirts are like ‘dude vampire chic’ when worn with black pants and black shoes.
  3. Black dress shoes — when paired with jeans that are too light or too distressed, the black dress shoes will look too dressy (remember that the jeans and shoes need to work together). When dressing up jeans, opt for brown shoes. Just make sure to match your leathers. Also, keep in mind that casual belts are wider, and dress belts are thinner.
  4. Scarred & indented belts — instead of the traditional belt with holes, I highly recommend Anson belts with the clean-looking and micro-adjustment track system. One size fits all! Straps and buckles are interchangeable. I love Anson’s fabric belts for summertime, and they have so many leather options. Buckles come in a multitude of different metals too. These belts are perfect for the partial tuck.
  5. Fake leather — fake leather looks fake and wears out super fast. If you have a ‘soul & spirit’ that you don’t want to compromise or are a vegan, opt for fabric items rather than fake leather.
  6. Fake designer brands — affordable options are plentiful that you don’t have to wear a fake.
  7. Brand name focus — you are spending more than you need to.
  8. Too many accessories — over-accessorizing can look low budget and tacky.
  9. Fun socks — don’t wear sassy socks. Instead, look smooth, sexy, and stylish by matching your socks to your pants, making you look taller and leaner.
  10. Clothes that don’t fit — this is the biggest style mistake. This oversized trend doesn’t look amazing; it covers your hard work at the gym. Wear clothes that make you look taller and more muscular … and sexy! And on a side note, never let a woman pick out your clothes.

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