The ULTIMATE Grooming Habits Ranking {BEST to WORST}

June 28, 2023
In 2008, I posted my first grooming video on YouTube. Over the years, I have published thousands of tips and tricks to be well-groomed and look fantastic. But all of these tips are not created evil. So today, I will go through the best to the worst. The top is the (S) sex machine level all the way down to (F). These tricks and tips fall into different categories depending on if you’re doing something right or wrong.

Determine what works for you because what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean that’s right for you. Identify the steps that you need to do and then implement them on a routine basis always to be sexy and smelling and looking incredible.

Grooming Routine Tier Notes

Beards. Beards can make a man look sexy, but they can also make a man look super stupid if it’s not trimmed or edged correctly. Men can look like wild savages if their beards are not well-maintained or groomed. Beards are the quickest and easiest step men can take to have sexier faces and more structured jaws. Think of a beard as a female equivalent to makeup. But don’t trim underneath the neck where the fat meat is hanging out, creating a double chin appearance. Also, have a good grooming tool which I recommend the Brio Beardscape V2 for your beard and body. Brio’s Zero Blade will take skin bald, so if you suffer from razor burn or bumps, this is a perfect option for not using a razor. Do not use the Zero Blade on your testicles or scrotum because you will cut your nuts.

Eyebrows. Again, this can be (S) sex machine or all the way down to the (F) tier. If you have wild, crazy eyebrows, this is not sexy. But on the flip side, if you overly groom or even shave your eyebrows, you will look potentially worse.

Skincare. You need to care for your skin, but all skin care tips and products were not created equally. Moisturize daily with an SPF before leaving the house, wash your face twice daily, and exfoliate twice weekly. Also, eye creams and anti-aging serums depend on your age.

Body hair management. Shaving your legs is less critical than shaving other areas. If you have a lot of chest hair, it’s okay to remove it, but it’s not mandatory. Mandatory is removing your back hair, as most women don’t want to feel a big rug when wrapping their arms around you. Also, butt cheeks are not as essential — but you do not want to shave them. Shaving the hair from your testicles is critical, and shaving your pubes is a personal preference. You don’t want a massive man bush, but how you trim it is a personal preference.

Oral hygiene. Make sure your breath doesn’t smell funky and your teeth are white. A smile is always attractive, but if you’re not smiling because you’re insecure about your teeth, check out some orthodontic procedures. However, veneers look fake, being too big and white. A clean white smile is the best.

Nose hair. You have to trim them!

Shampooing + conditioning. Yes, you need clean hair. How often to shampoo is determined by how much oil you produce naturally and how much product you use. I shampoo daily because I like clean hair, and I’m oily. Also, I condition once weekly (at least once a week is recommended for all men). If you have short hair or your hair isn’t dry, damaged, or brittle, it’s not as important, however.

Hairstyle selection. Your selection should be specific to your face shape. Yes, trends will also dictate what looks suitable and appropriate, but if you’re thinning or balding, don’t try to hide it. Either embrace your hair loss or go to Bosley because you don’t have to lose your hair if you don’t want to.

Body odor management. Shower and use deodorant daily. Ball powder also is a must, especially if you’re single and actively dating. Fragrance is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to make a great first impression. Smell incredible but don’t wear too much, which can be offensive (optimal is three squirts).


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