The {HIGH VALUE} Code | 10 Rules Men Should NEVER Break

May 4, 2023
One of the biggest misconceptions about being a high-value man is about money because there’s a lot more that goes into being a high-value man than money. You can have a lot of money and still be a low-value dude. And on the flip side, you can be a high-value man and not make much money. It all boils down to the code. Today I will go over ten rules that high-value men never break.

High-value Men Guidelines

  1. Gainful employment. A high-value man has a job and does not rely on others. They do not accept handouts or have a lot of high-interest debt. Debt is the devil, robbing you of joy and financial stability.
  2. Self-control. High-value men are self-destructive with alcohol, drugs, or porn. They understand that time is their most valuable resource and don’t waste it on surfing TikTok or IG because they’re too busy being proactive and kicking ass.
  3. Self-care. High-value men pay attention to their bodies. What matter most is health, not making money and acquiring stuff. High-value men exercise, eat right, and ensure they’re healthy mentally. They don’t make excuses or neglect their health.
  4. Motivated. High-value guys have a high degree of motivation. They know that they have to strive to achieve greatness and that they have to better themselves with constant improvement daily.
  5. Uplifting. High-value men lift others, are kind & courteous, and keep their word. They have integrity. High-value men do not have time to brag and try to make themselves look bigger or better than they are. They are comfortable in their own skin.
  6. Deal with issues. High-value men don’t let their past dictate their future. If something is holding them back or preventing them from being happy, they deal with it. Therapy is highly recommended to take control of your life and happiness. Better Help is the world’s largest therapy service that’s 100% online, with over 30,000 licensed and experienced therapists.
  7. Individualistic. High-value men do not follow the crowd, and they think for themselves. Many men currently are sheep, following false prophets. High-value men think for themselves and know the difference between right and wrong. High-value men also never compromise their dignity or integrity, even regarding friends. High-value men surround themselves with like-minded other high-value individuals.
  8. High-value women. High-value men have high-value women in their life. Good people are better than pretty people. Just because somebody has a pretty face, a nice body, tons of followers, or is famous doesn’t mean she’s a good person. High-value men understand this. Certain women are more confident, have a better mindset, and are not into all of the fake crap. High-value women do not take their clothes off for money.
  9. Effective communicators. High-value men are proficient communicators who don’t use filler words. They can make connections, including when walking into a room of strangers. They make people feel important, listen & carry on conversations, and make small talk with every type of person.
  10. Assertive. High-value men are not people pleasers. They do not say ‘yes’ when they should be saying ‘no.’ They protect themselves, stand up for themselves, and do not allow people to exploit them. High-value men are also protectors, never allowing other people in their life to be taken advantage of. They are supportive and protective of their parents, loved ones, friends, and strangers. Everyone, at some point in their life, is the little guy.

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