The Fragrance Community Has Lied To You

May 17, 2024
Before I begin, I want to reiterate that I am in no way, shape, or form a fragrance expert. I don’t know the difference between notes and noses, tonka bean versus rabbit fart. I want to smell good.

So, if you’re like me, we need to get the fragrance community misinformation out of the way. That said, I will discuss some of the information that’s just not true.

Where to spray. There are many pulse points, but you should only worry about three. You should apply it to your neck and chest. None of the other pulse points will move the needle. And sure, you can spray EDP fragrance on your clothing.

What’s a panty dropper. It’s true Axe is not a panty dropper. But Pete & Pedro’s Icon smells sexy as hell. The fragrance smells like money and is inspired by Creed fragrance Millesime Imperial.

Fragrances need to be expensive. Expensive fragrances are not worth the money. What inspired me to create Pete & Pedro REBEL was the high cost of Creed Aventus. I didn’t want to spend $500 for a bottle, so I used it as an inspiration and marked REBEL at $50.

More than three sprays is acceptable. This is not true. Less is more. It’s not about punching people in the face repeatedly with a fragrance. It’s okay to reply later in the day.

Your girlfriend can pick out your fragrance. You should pick out your fragrance, keeping in mind that just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it smells good. Also, fresher fragrances are less offensive. Darker, woodier, musky fragrances are more manly, but they risk stinking and making you smell like lumberjack testicles.

You don’t need fragrance. That’s fine when you’re in your house, but you should give yourself a spritz when leaving to smell amazing.

You need to rotate and change your fragrances. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. You can try different fragrances and wear different ones depending on the mood, day, and situation. But always having to rotate and change causes spending a crazy amount of money that’s a bit silly. You can’t wear more than one fragrance at a time.

You can mix and match fragrances. This is a horrible idea. One fragrance per day. End of story.

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