Stop Wearing Cologne WRONG! How to PROPERLY Wear Fragrance

June 30, 2023
Scent is one of your most powerful non-verbal communicating tools. Unlike other features you don’t have control over, such as your height or bone structure, you have 100% control over how you smell. You will have more opportunities and attract more people if you smell good. If you make any of these mistakes, you will repel and repulse instead.

99% of men are making these mistakes

  • Using wrist pulse points. If you use your wrist as a pulse point, it’s a wasted spritz of amazingness. It’s the worst pulse point because it’s away from people’s faces. You want to ensure you’re smelling incredible by keeping the fragrance up where it can be smelled. Use the upper part of your neck, behind your ear, and your upper chest.
  • Having others pick out your scent. Don’t have somebody else pick out your fragrance. It’s your job and your responsibility. If you let somebody pick out your fragrance, you may end up smelling like somebody else … like her ex-boyfriend.
  • Spraying stinky feet. Do not attempt to spray fragrance on your smelly feet or in your stinky shoes. It will not mask the odor.
  • Wearing body spray. 11-year-old boys wear this stuff. It stinks!
  • Spritzing down pants. Do not spray your fragrance down your pants. It tastes bad and mixes poorly with your natural essence (off-putting and nasty). Use a ball powder.
  • Layering fragrances. Don’t use a fragrant body wash, deodorant, or lotion with your fragrance. Instead, choose ones that are very mild in scent or unscented. You do not want to layer or combine fragrances because you want to smell like your fragrance.
  • Wearing the same fragrance daily. Switch it up and rotate it to keep smelling fresh and incredible. Many guys will find one scent, get compliments, and always keep it the same. People will get used to your smell, but changing it up weekly or monthly will keep people’s noses guessing.
  • Walking through mist. So many guys spray the fragrance and then walk through it. Instead, spray your fragrance onto your pulse points about 3 to 5 inches away. By applying it through a mist, it’s not concentrated and will not allow you to project.
  • Covering the entire body. Fragrance doesn’t work that way. Spray it on pulse points so it’s concentrated and projects longer, stronger, and better.
  • Spraying on clothing. The cologne will mess up your clothing, especially spraying it closely and repeatedly. The fabric will absorb it. Remember, you want the fragrance to heat up and project.
  • Wearing too much. Three squirts are what I recommend. Go for the neck and upper chest. Understand your fragrance’s concentration level, whether it’s a parfum, EPD, or EDT. Each is a different level of concentration. Reapply during the day if the scent is a little bit lighter.
  • Traveling with a big bottle. You don’t want your fragrance to leak or get stolen. Use a refillable atomizer.

Build your fragrance arsenal

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