12 Stupidly Simple Ways to Make Your Body Look Better

October 9, 2023
Building your triceps is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bigger arms. However, not all triceps exercises are created equal. Overhead triceps extensions with or without cables are one of the best exercises to activate all three tricep heads and get those guns to grow. If you want more of these types of tips, I will discuss tricks to make your body look better right now.

Tips to make you look your best

  1. Build your guns — use triceps exercises, which details are above in the intro.
  2. Enhance shoulder-to-waist ratio — build your shoulders and delts with controlled side raises. Try the different variations.
  3. Look better without clothes — lose body weight through fasted cardio in your target zone, whether through jogging, Stairmaster, spin class, HIIT, or more. Also, engage in intermittent fasting. Check out the different methods, such as the 16:8 I do.
  4. Look leaner, trimmer, slimmer — reduce water retention by drinking a gallon of lemon water daily.
  5. Know what you’re consuming — meal prep to ensure you stick to a plan. I love Factor, which makes meal prepping quick and easy. Use my code AlphaM50 for 50% off your 1st box.
  6. See more definition — shave or trim your arm hair. Women love forearms, and less body hair means looking more defined.
  7. Reflect light — by using moisturizer, your body will look sexier by being hydrated and reflecting light.
  8. Look sexier and leaner — get a tan, but not in a tanning bed. Use self-tanners.
  9. Free Big Al from the bush — trim your pubes to make Big Al look gigantic.
  10. Look trim and sexy — wear all black. Dark and monochromatic is slimming. On the flip side, if you are thin, wear lighter colors.
  11. Show off your arms — expose the triceps by exposing your arms. Also, roll your sleeves (check out my technique for a clean roll) to expose the ever-sexy forearm.
  12. Don’t look chubby and fat — wear tailored clothing to fit right and make you look sexy.

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