6 Rules to ALWAYS Smell Good AF as a Man

October 2, 2023
How you smell is one of your most powerful nonverbal communication tools. You have 100% control over it, unlike your height, hair color, or even skin color. Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t realize that they stink. Just because someone has showered or is wearing fragrance or deodorant doesn’t mean they actually smell good. Other factors play a huge role in a man smelling goods, so today I will review a few ways always to smell good.

Less obvious reasons why men can stink

  1. Clothing. Wearing clothing made of polyester or other synthetic fibers will repel water, but the downside is that the fabric holds onto bacteria that cause odor. The material will trap the bacteria inside, and although it’s been washed, exercise and activity will heat it up, causing the smell to come back. It’s not that you stink, but your clothing does. A couple of options are to wear natural fibers like cotton when exercising to reduce odor-causing bacteria that get trapped. Or, if wearing performance gear, make sure you hang the shirt up to dry or lay it over a bathtub rather than wanting it up and throwing it into a laundry basket. Also, you can turn it inside out when you wash it and use high-heat hot water on the most aggressive setting. Make sure to use sport detergent that was designed to eliminate bacteria.
  2. Environment. Whether your car or the place where you live, make sure the environment doesn’t stink. Odor sticks to your bed sheets, carpeting, and more. If you’re lying in your bed all night, your body odor penetrates your sheets, so you must change them at least once a week. Also, with your carpet, vacuum it. Don’t leave food or stinky trash lying around.
  3. Breath. Ensure your breath doesn’t stink and your oral hygiene game is strong. There’s nothing that instantly kills your good smell, like stinky breath. Floss every day and make sure you’re brushing correctly twice a day. Use mouthwash that does not have alcohol because it can dry out your mouth and make it stinky. Make sure to scrape your tongue daily, too. Bacteria grows on your tongue, and you need to remove it.
  4. Fragrance. You should always wear a fragrance, but you should not wear the same scent daily. Switch it up because people will get used to how you smell. I love Scentbird because I can build my fragrance arsenal monthly. Smell differently, so try some niche fragrances the masses aren’t wearing. Another tip is never to apply fragrance to dried skin. Use moisturizer first that is fragrance-free. And regarding body sprays, do not use them.
  5. Showering. Most guys do not wash their legs in the shower. They think that the soap running down is good enough. Use an exfoliating tool, such as an exfoliating washcloth, to get all the nooks and crannies of your body. Also, use a loofah/brush on your back or some exfoliating gloves for your body. The bottom line is that you need to not only wash and clean but also remove the top layer of dead skin, especially in your crotch and butt areas. And remember your funky, nasty feet. Use a foot file about once a week in the shower to remove the dead, crusty layer of skin and calluses. Feet will smell if you don’t properly wash and care for them. You also need to make sure that you’re wearing no-show socks and use some powder in your shoes to help absorb odor and wetness to prevent your feet from stinking when you wear your shoes. Lastly, the groin is one of the worst-smelling places on a man’s body. Odor and bacteria build up there because it’s hot, dark, and wet. Make sure you trim your bush because it can trap odor and make it hotter and wetter in your pants. Also, powder every day with a high-quality non-talc balls powder.
  6. Hair. Hair can trap odors, especially if you’re not washing your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. Also, oil build-up can stink your hair and scalp after a while. Further, your hair will stink depending on what environment you’ve been in, so you need to make sure you wash and scrub. Make sure your hair doesn’t have a bunch of flakes, either.

Build your fragrance arsenal

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