7 Places a Man Should ALWAYS Shave!

January 18, 2023
A few weeks ago, I published a video discussing body parts that a man should never shave with a razor. Certain body parts are more susceptible to ingrown hairs, razor burns, and razor bumps. If you missed it, check it out here. On the flip side, other areas of your body should always be shaved with a razor. 

First, razors are not the only hair removal option. 

  • You can also use tweezers with pinpoint precision, and they are best for eyebrows and plucking straight hair. The hair is removed from the root, which will take longer to grow back. It will grow back as a fine point as well. 
  • Waxing is an incredible option for moving hair from your body in large sections. The hair is removed from the root and may hurt a bit. When the hair grows back, you’ll have an increased risk of developing ingrown hairs or an infection. 
  • Depilatory creams are also a hair removal option. It’s a chemical that eats away at your hair so that when you wipe it off, the hair is gone. If your skin is sensitive, there are better options than this.
  • Motorized grooming tools are designed for private and other body parts, such as your face. But it can also be used on other parts of your body. Regarding its motor and teeth, skin-safe technology doesn’t exist. I never recommend using anything motorized near your scrotum or balls, as you risk getting cut. Your scrotum skin is super soft and elastic, which can get down in the teeth regardless of how skin safe the device is. But I recommend using a grooming tool to groom your monster man bush. Use attachments to take hair to the appropriate length. I like to have a little racing stripe action from my happy trail down to where the magic happens. After that area, hold up your nuts & weiner so you can take small little strokes down to your taint.


The best grooming tool I have ever used is the Brio, the best on the market. The newest addition, 2.0, has additional features but still has a titanium rake, ceramic blade, and a battery that lasts and lasts. If you want your skin completely bald, grab the Zero Blade, which can be much better than using a razor.

Body parts to always shave with a razor

Now let’s talk about razors. If you suffer from razor burns or bumps, a multi-blade razor is not optimal for you. Every blade is like a separate stroke over your skin. Opt for a single-blade safety razor or a cheap Bic razor with one or two blades. To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate every time you shower. Something like a body puff or a loofah will help keep the pores open and follicles free from being trapped, clogged, and ingrown.

  1. Back hair is zero sexy. You can find devices on Amazon that are like back scratchers, which will help you manage to shave your back yourself.
  2. You should always shave your shoulder hair, which is not an option like chest hair.
  3. If you want more defined, sexy, and vascular-looking arms, shave down your arms to the forearms.
  4. Shave the shaft and base of your weiner. Don’t use a grooming tool to shave it because leaving stubble or stray hairs is not something she wants to find.
  5. Use a razor if you want to shave your chest hair after you take it low with a grooming tool. But if you don’t want to shave it, you still need to keep your hair neatly trimmed. You can use your Brio and pop in an attachment.
  6. You should be shaving your cheeks on your face but never on your booty. When you shave your facial cheeks, it’s all about that nice clean line from your ear to the corner of your mouth. If you struggle with razor burns and bumps, try a safety razor or a single blade when shaving under your neck. Use your Brio with the zero blade if that’s even a bit too much. Shaving your neck will give you a more defined chin and face as well as help strengthen your jaw. Remember up near your nose as well. The more natural you can leave your facial hair formation, the better it will look. Don’t try and carve it and go super thin.
  7. I shave my leg hair, and it’s a personal preference. Shaving automatically makes legs look more defined and leaner. Some dudes don’t feel comfortable and feel it’s a bit more feminine. If that’s you, fine. But if your legs are crazy hairy, take down the bulk of the length with a 9 or 12-mm attachment.

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