12 Mistakes That KILL Your {Good Looks}… INSTANTLY!

August 10, 2023
A man can take specific steps to boost his looks instantly. He can grow a beard, dress well, and expose his forearms. But on the flip side, there are certain things that a man does that are attractiveness’ deadly sins.

Attractiveness’ deadly sins

  1. Wearing clothes that don’t fit. If clothes are too tight, you can look like you’re trying too hard or clueless. You’re also not as big and ripped as you think. Clothes that genuinely do not fit you, such as jeans that are too baggy or the crotch is too long, are not attractive. You need to wear clothes that fit you properly.
  2. Oily face or greasy hair. Both are nasty and kill your good looks. You must ensure your hair is sexy and clean without flakes or dandruff.
  3. Facial hair that’s f’ed up. Whether it’s too thin, nasty, bushy, too long, or has undefined boundaries, you must figure it out and fix it.
  4. Wetness or sweat under your pits or in your pants. You have to make sure that if you’re sweating, it’s controlled. Wear an undershirt underneath your top layer to absorb the sweat, or wear a Thompson Tee that absorbs wetness. Sweating can make you look nervous, weak, nasty, and like you smell even if you don’t. Sweating down your pants means you have musky wet nuts that can smell funky as hell. Powder your balls. And swamp ass is an epidemic. Sprinkle some Pete & Pedro Powder in the front and down the booty crack to stay dry, friction-free, and odor-free all day. Smell even more incredible with Pete & Pedro’s natural deodorant and best-in-class men’s EDP fragrances.
  5. Man boobs and sloppy-ass love handles. A dad bod kills your looks and sexiness instantly.
  6. Nasty mouth and stinky breath. Nasty, fuzzy, and discolored teeth will kill your looks. Get bleaching strips, and fix your smile. It doesn’t matter the quantity or quality of your teeth, but you need to have white teeth.
  7. Stupid tattoos. Whether or not on your body, neck, hands, or wherever, some dudes look great because they’re studly. But certain dudes don’t. I’m not one of them. You’re automatically less attractive if you’re rocking many stupid tattoos, too many tattoos, or tattoos on your neck or face.
  8. Poor posture. If you slouch, you will appear less confident. Stand up as straight as possible to look as tall as possible.
  9. Double chin and a weak jaw. You can mew or grow facial hair to fix them.
  10. Bad body language. Have good body language when standing, walking, and sitting. Also, ensure you’re not a puss when you shake hands. Don’t hide your hands, either. Make appropriate eye contact so you don’t look weird or creepy.
  11. Poor grooming and hygiene. Ensure your hands, nails, and feet are not nasty, crusty, or dirty. Ensure you have a manicure set with clippers, nippers, tweezers, and scissors. You also need cuticle cutters.
  12. Acting egotistical or arrogant. Posting pictures with your shirt off doesn’t make you look like an idiot. People will think you’re a high-maintenance diva and that you take yourself way too seriously. You look like you’re conceited and self-absorbed.  Also, if you treat people poorly, are a dick to others, are not kind, helpful, or courteous, are not a man of your word, lie, cheat, and steal, you’re not sexy. You must treat people with kindness to be automatically viewed as double extra sexy.

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