6 Things SLOWLY Giving You Man Boobs

March 25, 2023
The bottom line is that man boobs suck. Unfortunately, many of us are developing them and don’t even know we are because of lifestyle choices. Today I will review a few surprising things that slowly cause men to develop man boobs. I will also review ways to fix it and get sexy chisel pics of steel. As a baseline, eat a healthy diet, work out, and check your testosterone level. Don’t take steroids! Choose better products too. Here are the details.

Lifestyle choices leading to man boobs

  1. Overweight or obese. I’m not talking skinny fat. That’s something we’ll talk about later. But if you’re overweight/obese, your body has a lot of fat cells that release a chemical called leptin. When leptin levels are high, typically, testosterone levels will be suppressed. Estrogen will increase, and when estrogen is high, breast tissue will develop.
  2. TRT and Steriods. An enzyme called aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen, and when you get on TRT, even though testosterone levels are jacked, estrogen levels will rise. When on TRT, tenderness or puffiness in the breast region will occur. Anabolic steroids are different than TRT. TRT is more of a therapeutic dose, but when you take testosterone to grow your muscles, the conversion from testosterone to estrogen will be higher. A lot of guys will experience gyno when starting to take anabolic steroids.
  3. Weed and beer. Smoking weed has been linked to an increase in gynecomastia. You risk developing fat titties, but you’ll also get the munchies and eat crappy food. Sitting around all day being lazy won’t help eliminate man boobs either. Beer is one of the worst alcoholic beverages due to the phytoestrogens that lower testosterone and increase estrogen.
  4. Dairy. The milk from lactating cows has been shown to increase a man’s prostate cancer risk and lower testosterone levels. The female hormones in dairy milk are the cause.
  5. BPA. BPA, which is contained in some plastics, is a harmful EDC (endocrine-disrupting chemical). BPA is one of the worst and can leach into your beverage when drinking from a plastic bottle. It will suppress testosterone production and increase the development of boobies.
  6. Deodorants and body sprays. These are two of the most toxic products that men use. They have a variety of chemicals, and antiperspirants contain aluminum which clogs sweat ducts. You need to sweat and order to release toxins. If not, toxins can build in your lymph system. I developed a natural deodorant with Pete & Pedro that eliminates aluminum and other harmful chemicals. I also, my Pete & Pedro ball powder is talc-free. Reduced testosterone levels are an epidemic. Guys see much lower testosterone levels than they used to because of the toxic products used daily.

Eliminate or camouflage man boobs

  • Boost your testosterone levels with heavy lifting. You’ll feel fantastic and also reduce your man boobs.
  • You can also lose your man boobs from losing body fat, dramatically impacting how you look and feel.
  • Spot reduction doesn’t work, so you can’t expect to do push-ups and expect the booby fat to melt away. You must develop muscles underneath the fat with bench presses, weighted dips, cables, and more.
  • To reduce the appearance of man boobs, wear darker colors and an undershirt or compression garment.
  • Wearing shirts with a small pattern is also a great way to minimize the appearance of man boobs.
  • Wearing denim, a thicker fabric, shields man boobs.
  • Double pockets are another way to add some fabric over the top.
  • Over-shirts are a way to layer and camouflage the appearance of man boobs while getting it under control.

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