10 Men’s Hairstyles Women HATE

February 4, 2024
A few weeks ago, I published a video talking about the best men’s hairstyles of 2024. Today, I will flip it around and review the worst hairstyles that women absolutely hate. Keep in mind that the popular hairstyles for men in 2024 have more natural flowing textures and are not crunchy.

It’s about embracing natural texture if you have curls or longer hair. If you’re losing your hair, either stop it or fix it. Ensure you condition your hair at least three times a week and upgrade your products. Remember that your spicy senorita wants to run her fingers through your luscious locks; if it’s dry, brittle, or crusty, she can’t get her hands through it.

First, I will demonstrate how I fix my hair after I shower. Check it out. Sea SALT Spray is a game changer that every man should be using. It adds weightless volume and more texture. My Laifen Swift hair dryer is the best on the market. It takes literally 60 seconds to get my hair dry. Save up to 35% at Amazon OR on the Laifen site. To get an additional discount on the Laifen SE Model, use code 10LFVD. And last, Texture Powder is one of my favorite products because you can style your hair without adding many other products. My hair looks more natural, and I can restyle my hair easily throughout the day.

Women say ‘no’ to these men’s hairstyles.

  1. The mullet. I’m not talking about the modern mullet that’s tapered on the side with some length in the back. I’m talking about the classic mullet. This style looks terrible.
  2. Wild hair. Untamed and unkempt hair is not desirable to women. She does not want you to look like a wildebeest.
  3. Harsh cuts. A fauxhawk is stupid, so stop it. Also, the undercut was super popular years ago, but it looks terrible now. A hard undercut stops abruptly. To maximize your sexiness, you need to blend softly with a gradual transition.
  4. Harsh styles & colors. She will hate it if your hair is hard, crunchy, and doesn’t move. And if it’s greasy, that isn’t good, too. Spiky, hard-gelled hair is also not desirable. Weird colors are also a ‘no.’ If your hair is pink or blue, get rid of it. It doesn’t look cute, fun, or festive; it looks trashy and nasty.
  5. The bowl cut. This look is terrible.
  6. TikTok hair. Young dudes are growing their hair long and curly everywhere. It looks like hell.
  7. Camouflaging thinning. If you’re losing it, shave it or go to Bosley. Do not try to hide it. Do something about it, or shave it off.
  8. Man bun or top knot. If you’re rocking a man bun, it’s time to lose it. She doesn’t love it if you’re rocking a tiny top knot, which is even worse.
  9. Shaved-off sideburns. Sideburns help frame your face and finish your hairstyle. If you’re somebody getting a bald fade, you don’t need them. But you need sideburns if you have any hair and are not rocking a beard. Instead of cutting them straight across, a pro tip is to angle them slightly to follow your jawline to enhance your hairstyle and frame your face. Your jaw will appear more substantial.
  10. Dandruff. If you have flakes, you need a stronger shampoo. If you have an itchy scalp or look down at your black shirt with flakes, eliminate them with coal tar.

Featured video

Taper and fade haircuts have become synonymous with timeless style and versatility, offering men a range of options to express their personality while maintaining a polished appearance. But understanding the nuances between each is crucial before you plop down in that barber’s chair if you truly want to nail the hairstyle you’re going for!

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