10 {Man Care} RULES Every Guy Should Follow!

October 7, 2021
Today we’re talking about taking care of business down below. Some things are personal preference, but some are ‘must do,’ which is what we are going over today.

Critical Personal Care Steps for ALL Men

  1. Manscape — don’t rock a monster man-bush because Big Al looks smaller, and the hair traps odor.
  2. Shave your balls — if your balls are fuzzy, you look like a troll doll in a headlock and you increase your balls smelling bad.
  3. Feel your balls frequently — do self exams in the shower to identify if something is weird and funky.
  4. Eliminate ball stink — your balls naturally have a bad odor. Use a natural, talc-free powder.
  5. Use wet wipes –– it’s a warzone down the back of your pants. Use wet wipes whenever possible.
  6. Stop swamp-ass — it’s nasty and a deal-breaker, but swamp-ass is preventable by using a natural, talc-free powder.
  7. Clip your toenails — the larger clippers are designed for toenails.
  8. Treat discolored toenails — go to a podiatrist and get a treatment program.
  9. Use a foot file in the shower at the end — your calluses will be soft at the end; take it down then smooth it down.
  10. Stop foot odor — nothing is nastier than stinky feet; use powder to fight wetness and absorb odor. Sprinkle in your shoes before and after use.

Pete & Pedro

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