MAKE HER HEAD TURN {10 Items That Women ALWAYS Notice}

March 1, 2024
I don’t know how I found the subreddit community about how to be hot, but it’s about girls trying to help each other be super sexy. A post asked what somebody can do to turn heads more, and some of the recommendations these other women gave also apply to us dudes. I want to share those that will turn heads.

Level up your attraction

  1. Hair. Hair can make somebody go from forgettable to attractive to wow. If you have good hair, it’s an excellent way to get noticed by women. To have better hair, grow it a bit longer. Also, use less product. You don’t want a hard, crusty, crunchy, or wet-looking style.
  2. Style. Elevate your style above other random dudes. If you dress well, it’s next level. Women definitely notice because most dudes dress boring and basic. Elevate your style by wearing a statement piece like a badass jacket. Also, amazing denim, nice shoes, and fitting clothing will all help elevate your aesthetic and turn heads. Sunglasses are a great equalizer for sexiness that helps to balance your face and make you look cool and mysterious. I recommend Clubmaster, Wayfair, or Aviator. Another tip is to wear bright colors to get noticed. Reds and bright blues will definitely turn heads. But I think the monochromatic darker looks are also a great way to look bad boy.
  3. Skin. Amazing skin is one of those things that will turn heads.
  4. Scent. Fragrance is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your self-esteem, confidence, and attraction level. When you smell good and look good, you’ll get more sexy action. Use ALPHA55off to get 55% off your first month at Scentbird. This month, I received Elysium Eau Intense by Roja, The Forward by Mind Games, and Pegasus by Parfums de Marly
  5. Charisma. Charisma is charming, able to be good with people, smiling, and engaging. These soft skills can be worked on and developed. Also, be engaging. Asking questions, being genuinely interested in what other people tell you, and connecting with others will resonate with them. It is undeniably attractive if you laugh, smile, joke, and are friendly.
  6. Confidence. Have good posture and smile. People notice how you walk and carry yourself. If you carry yourself confidently, you show an inner belief in yourself. Smiling will have people automatically notice you and turn their heads to look at you. They will want to date you, give you jobs, make out with you, and more.
  7. Good body. The majority of dudes are fat and sloppy, but if you take care of yourself and wear clothing that fits your body, you’ll turn heads.
  8. Beard. If you want to turn heads, grow a beard automatically. You will look more rugged and confident. Simultaneously, it will help strengthen your jaw.
  9. Tattoos. Tattoos are sexy and make you look like a bad boy. But they can make you look like a colossal dumbass or dork depending.
  10. Being a man. Being resilient, strong, caring, and confident in a world full of betas will win over people. Be strong, stoic, and confident.

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