If She Says, “Let’s Be Friends”… DO THIS IMMEDIATELY!

March 20, 2024
The Friend Zone can happen to the best of us. But if you implement my 30-day plan, you will become sexually desirable to her.  These steps will automatically boost your sex appeal so you’re viewed as more attractive.

Thirty-Day Plan Out of the Friend Zone

  • Avoid this person for 30 days. Ghost her completely, and don’t post anything on social media. Create space. Stop being readily available. Don’t always be there.
  • Dress better and modify your style. Ensure your clothing fits, and buy strategic items (jeans, T-shirt, jacket, underwear). Get rid of the little boy underwear and upgrade to Sheath. Enjoy a special 20% discount on your total order. The code is automatically applied when you click the link. But if it does not work, use code alpha2024 at checkout.
  • Up your grooming game. Grow your facial hair, get a better haircut, fix your face with a solid skincare routine, bleach your teeth, get a new fragrance
  • Tighten up your diet and fitness. Reduce your carbs and stop eating processed junk. Drink 120 oz of water per day. Get to the gym or workout at home (calisthenics like push-ups) daily.
  • Look for (3) daily opportunities to do something nice or kind for someone else. This will make you and the other person feel good, which will help your self-esteem.
  • Say ‘yes’ to every social invite. Hang out with friends, meet new people, and get active. Practice your social skills.
  • Reintroduce yourself to social media after four (4) weeks. Post pictures of the fun things you’ve done and how you look happy, stylish, and sexy.
  • Send a couple of texts to that person — something like “Hey! I saw something that made me think of you today.” or “Hey, stranger! I was wondering if you could help me out with something.” This is a powerful psychological move when you ask for help, as it connects you a bit deeper. You could also ask for advice on a dating problem (real or fabricated), which will get her started thinking about you differently.
  • Don’t wait too long to escalate it to a date. One reason guys get friend-zoned is waiting too long to escalate. It can be simple: Tell her you want to try a bar or restaurant. Then, ask her if she’s been there. When she says ‘no’, suggest you two go on Saturday.
  • If she still considers you a friend after this 30-day plan, realize you have enough friends and don’t waste more time. Besides, your sex appeal is through the roof after completing these 30 days.

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