How I Grew My Hair +2″ in 30 Days! {SUPER FAST HAIR GROWTH}

August 21, 2023
Want to know something crazy? My hair grows about an inch and a half per month. I have to go for regular haircuts every two weeks, where they take off over half an inch every time. But my hair is not always grown that quickly. It used to grow about a half inch, which is normal, but I started doing a few steps over the last few years that have made my hair grow fast. My hairstylist says I have the fastest-growing hair she’s ever seen. I want to review some ways you can make your hair grow thicker, faster, and quicker.

Steps to take for faster-growing + thick hair!

  • Biotin supplement. The B vitamin biotin absolutely makes your hair grow thick, strong, and fast. If you want your hair to grow faster and healthier, take biotin. Pete & Pedro’s Biotin Gummies are not only easy to take but also delicious.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are incredible for your body and critical for your hair to be healthy and grow fast. Salmon is power-packed with omega-3, which I eat over a pound and a half weekly. If you don’t like fish or don’t want to eat salmon, you can take an omega-3 supplement daily.
  • Shampoo and condition daily. This contradicts a lot of advice you hear online, but the goal is to get oil and product out of your hair and keep your scalp super clean.
  • Coal tar. I use Pete & Pedro Control with the active ingredient coal tar. Control has the highest amount in any product you can find on the market for dandruff shampoo. It cured and stopped my dandruff. Coal tar is effective in reducing hair loss as well. I use it twice a day.
  • Biotin products. Biotin-infused shampoos and conditioners such as Pete & Pedro Volume and Power are excellent for nourishing your hair and making it grow stronger, thicker, and faster.
  • Argan oil. Argan oil is incredible for hydrating brittle and damaged hair. Argan oil is like liquid gold for your hair and will help facilitate growth. Try Pete & Pedro’s Hydrate argan oil shampoo.
  • Shampoo brush. A shampoo brush brings blood and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles. You can also use it on your beard because the same principles apply.
  • Exercise. Exercising regularly will facilitate and stimulate hair growth. Whether cardio, HIIT training, or lifting weights, your heart pumps blood throughout your body. More oxygen is carried to different areas, including your hair.
  • Upgrade hair products. Cheap products have higher alcohol content and inferior ingredients that can harm your hair. Spend more money on higher quality products that don’t have sulfites or parabens. High-quality products will perform better and are healthier for your hair. They won’t dry out and damage your hair.
  • Want to know what product is right for your hair? Take one of our quizzes, then build your own grooming kit, which we help you walk through step by step. Also, if you want to check out our switching guide, it shows all the popular hair styling products and the Pete & Pedro equivalent. It makes switching to a higher-quality product super easy.

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