6 Tricks for a Flat Stomach… FAST!

July 14, 2023
Before I get into tricks for getting a flat stomach fast, I want to address that spot reduction doesn’t work. It’s all about calories in versus calories out. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, you will shred. If you consume more than you burn, you’ll gain body fat. 

Keep in mind that you need to burn calories to reduce body fat. Eat less to cut calories, exercise to expend more calories, and work out to help develop separation in your abs. To lose one pound of fat, a caloric deficit of 3500 calories is necessary, which you can do a combination of eating less and burning more.

That said, I will review some of my favorite flat stomach hacks that do not require you to go to the gym. But remember, it’s my data, research, and actions I have taken over the years to make my stomach flat… fast! 

How I flatten my stomach FAST

  1. Lower carb consumption. Stop eating sugars, starchy carbohydrates. These will bloat you. Increase the amount of fiber to reduce bloat, literally overnight.
  2. Eat four or five small meals. Don’t eat three big meals. I’m a huge fan of intermittent fasting. If you want to crank up your metabolism while flattening your stomach, eat smaller portions throughout the day and more frequently.
  3. Increase water consumption. Drink one gallon of water a day with added lemon. When you’re dehydrated, your body will retain water. Also, crappy food that contains salt and sulfites will cause water retention. Increasing the amount of water will reduce bloat by reducing the amount of subcutaneous water retention. Lemon is a natural diuretic as well. You may pee like crazy the first day or two, but you’ll look leaner and flatter. 
  4. Improve your digestion. Your gut health and microbiome are critical. That flora needs to be rocking and rolling in your gut. Synbiotic+ by Ritual helped me feel better. I wasn’t as gassy or bloated. It’s a pre, pro, and postbiotic which will maximize your microbiome game and support good health.
  5. Increase fiber intake. Using psyllium husk powder is natural. By using two scoops a day, your system is cleared out quickly and effectively.
  6. Drink apple cider vinegar. Do not drink it straight; add it to a large glass of lemon water. It’s excellent for digestion and gets the juices flowing. Incorporating apple cider vinegar into your day is an optimal way to help digestion, as it’s helped me.

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