How to PROPERLY Clean Your {Package}! Step-by-Step Tutorial

February 20, 2023
After today, you’ll smell better than all of the other dudes. I’m telling you, most men stink with funky nuts and asses that are total disasters. So, I’m going over a step-by-step guide to help your junk smell amazing!

STEP ONE is to trim the monster man bush. If you have a monster man bush, it will get sweaty and trap odors. By eliminating the bulk, your odor will be managed, and your wiener will look much bigger. Regarding manscaping, Brio is the best tool on the planet for proper pubic hair designs. You have many different options, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some guys go entirely bald, some like a racing stripe down to the happy trail, and some like to leave it more natural.

After shaving, you need to clean up. The Stubble Buddy is the best tool on the market for cleaning up your beard trimmings on the sink and also your pubes from the floor. Nothing says ‘I’m NOT sexy’ like your girl walking through your bathroom and getting pubes on her feet. Every guy needs a Stubble Buddy to help them stay fresh and their bathroom sexy.

STEP TWO is to scrub your balls. A lot of guys fall down on this specific step. Some squirt a little body wash and think they’ve cleaned up. But the truth is you have a ton of bacteria and dead skin, creating a funky, nasty, crusty, and disgusting situation. If you want to be as fresh and sexy as possible, you must scrub. You could use an exfoliating body puff or a double-sided washcloth.

When using body wash or soap, ensure you’re using a product that doesn’t dry your skin. Due to nasty chemical ingredients, most body washes and soaps found in the store are not good for your skin. Using a higher-quality body wash will make your skin softer and fresher.

STEP THREE is shaving your balls and shaft with the proper technique. After I exfoliate, the dead skin and funky smells will be removed. After that, it’s time to shave. Grab the shaft and use a clean razor with small strokes down to your taint. Then shave your balls.

Step FOUR is moisturizing and deodorizing, which is also critical for Big Al and the Boys. If you want soft and sexy testicles, not dry and crusty ones, you need to moisturize them. You can’t have funky bits, so you need to use deodorant to make your balls smell amazing. I use Pete & Pedro Body and Balls Powder along with Fresh Deodorant, neither containing toxic chemicals.

Don’t just dump the powder into your hand and go to town. Put the powder in your hand, dunk your balls, and jostle them around a little bit. Add a little bit down your legs in the pube region, and then take the powder up your booty crack. You don’t want swamp ass. You want your total package to smell amazing!

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