5 Ways to Have a BETTER Looking Face

November 15, 2023
Being handsome and attractive takes work! And as a man ages, maintaining that handsome and attractiveness takes even more work. You have to feed, water, and take care of yourself, including your skin. So, let’s start there.

Be as handsome and attractive as you can be!

One step that can instantly make you more attractive is having amazing skin. If your skin is oily, blemished, broken out, wrinkled, scarred, or nasty, you will not be as handsome or attractive as possible. Your skin care should start with a foundation of basic steps to perform daily. I’ve talked about Tiege Hanley 6 million times because it is an extremely effective step-by-step system that will leave your skin amazing. Every man must wash his face twice daily to remove the oil, dirt, and grime that builds up — making sure to exfoliate twice a week. Also, everyone should moisturize twice a day. Moisturizing gives your skin hydration, but your morning moisturizer should also have an SPF 20 to protect it from UVA rays.

If you want to take your skincare to the next level, retinol is a must. Retinol will even out your complexion and skin tone. If you have irregularities or scarring from acne, fine lines, and wrinkles, retinol will be the best way to make your skin look better, like a filter. I use it nightly after I wash my face. Retinol shrinks pore size and reduces oiliness.

Also, you must deal with dark circles, bags, and puffy or red eyes to look better. First, you must ensure you’re getting 7 to 8 hours of solid slumber not only for your eyes but also because not getting enough sleep will cause your body to have an increased risk of cancer, heart attack, and more. If you have eye bags, you can use frozen spoons under your eyes to reduce puffiness. Good eye cream is another way to ensure your eyes look amazing. Make sure it’s high quality. It will help reduce fine lines and help make dark circles disappear. Make sure you pat it on rather than rub it. Use it twice a day, once before bedtime and once before you leave the house in the morning.

A clay mask is an incredible way to detoxify your face and remove impurities. Paint it all over your face, avoiding your eyes. The clay mask will help reduce oiliness and breakouts and make your face feel extremely clean.

Many guys don’t have a strong jaw or a lean, chiseled face. You can do a few things to hack the system, however. Increase the amount of water you’re consuming and add a bit of lemon to act as a natural diuretic. Water will help to flush out your body. If you combine this with a low carbohydrate diet that is not filled with salt and processed crap, you’ll be amazed at how much more to find your cheeks and job will be.

Grow a beard, which is equivalent to makeup for women, to make yourself look better. A beard can help strengthen a weak jaw, but all beards aren’t created equal. Make sure your beard is tapered down to your chin to enhance the angularity of your face and neck. Check out the video for how to properly edge and create boundaries. You should not carve up too high underneath your jaw because it will make you look like George Lucas.

Eyebrows can make you look masculine or feminine. Do not pluck too much, remove the hairs in the center if you have the unibrow, and keep the natural shape of your eyebrows. Clean up your eyebrows a little bit underneath, but don’t go too crazy.

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