10 Ways to NEVER Look UGLY

July 6, 2023
You’ll love this video if you never want to look old and ugly. I’m presenting some steps always to look your best. You can’t change your height or bone structure, but you can make lifestyle choices to look your best. You have control over 95% of how you are perceived and can age without looking old and unattractive.

If you start now and you don’t neglect yourself, you will age gracefully. Consistently do what I will discuss, and take pride in your appearance and well-being. You will always look amazing regardless of your age and better than 99.9% of other sloppy ass dudes.

How men age without looking old and unattractive

  1. Exercise. You need to take care of your body which is one of the quickest steps you can take. Don’t let yourself go or have man boobs or love handles. Sloppy fat is not looking your best.
  2. Sleep. You need 7 to 8 hours of solid slumber every night.
  3. Food. Eat nutritiously and better. Don’t eat a diet full of crappy food. You will never look your best.
  4. Skincare. You don’t need many of them, but you must do basic things to look your best. Wash your face twice daily, use a moisturizer in the morning and night, and exfoliate twice weekly. Don’t smoke, as it will prematurely age your face.
  5. Teeth. White teeth are critical to looking your best because your smile should not be discolored or yellow.
  6. Hair. If it’s falling out, you can stop it. If you’ve lost it, you can get it back. Bosley will help you always look amazing.
  7. Style. Make yourself more aesthetic and attractive by dressing with intention and purpose. You’ll get more opportunities and will be perceived as more attractive and youthful.
  8. Water. Ensure you’re not dehydrated because it can make your skin look rough.
  9. Eyes. You do not want to have red eyes. Determine what’s causing it: lack of sleep, high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies, or otherwise. You want to have crystal clear and sexy eyes as they are the windows to the soul.
  10. Grooming. Ensure your facial hair is groomed, your ears are hygienic, and your body hair is managed.


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