GET LEAN & BUILD MUSCLE {365 Day Plan} Diet + Workout Tips to ALWAYS Look Good!

June 18, 2021
I am not the biggest or leanest — but my 45 year old body probably looks better than yours. I am proud of how I have looked the same through the years. I believe that it’s better to look good all the time rather than a short window.

I am not a fan of bulking and cutting for a number of reasons; it’s a vicious cycle where you only look good for a certain part of the year. So today, I want to share what I do to maintain my body fat and muscularity, which includes diet and working out. I hope you can implement these tips into your healthy lifestyle.

It all starts with your diet

If you find something that works for you, do it — I do meal prep. Check out the Alpha M. Diet Plan which is the blueprint for a smart diet. I have used it for as long as I can remember because it’s simple and logical. It’s my foundation to eating clean and healthy. But once a week, my wife and I cook a HelloFresh meal. Use code ‘ALPHAM12’ to get up to 12 FREE MEALS across your 1st four (4) HelloFresh boxes, including FREE shipping on your 1st box at HelloFresh

Drinking alcohol derails a lot of people, like myself. Many years ago I quit in order to quit chewing tobacco. My current alcohol consumption is twice a week, typically 2 drinks max. I also drink a gallon of water per day. I have done this every day, for the last twenty years.

Work-out every day

Every single day I do cardio, which I go outside to do mine. Doing cardio the 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach and in your target zone is the one of the best ways to mobilize fat stores (stored energy). Some people say it’s bullsh*t, but it’s a game changer for me. Going outside for cardio also has helped my mind too. It’s a time to center myself and think about the day. It reduces stress and allows me to decompress.

My weight training is a bro-split. Also, I only work each muscle group once a week as well. And although Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are ‘rest’ days, I do cardio every single day, however. This plan works for me:

  • Monday = shoulders + abs
  • Tuesday = chest + triceps
  • Wednesday = legs
  • Thursday = rest day
  • Friday = back + biceps
  • Saturday & Sunday = rest

Two exercises that have changed my body are dead-lifts and squats. Other exercises that are amazing for the overall body are pull-ups and bodyweight dips. I also like isolation moves: bicep curls, side raises, leg extensions, etc. Find a workout plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Don’t go extreme because can you do that years from now?

My secret?

Being consistent is the biggest takeaway. If you do this, you will look good far into the future. Consistency is my secret — I consistently eat healthy, exercise, and do cardio.


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