10 BRUTALLY HONEST Reasons People {Secretly} Think You’re BORING!

June 1, 2022
Being viewed as interesting is a secret social weapon. You will have more friends and dating and job opportunities because people want to be around others who bring value into their life. But on the flip side, If you’re viewed as boring, you will miss out on incredible opportunities. Here are some reasons why people think you’re a bore.
  1. Superficial – worried and overly concerned about your body, appearance, and material possessions. If you’re somebody who covets or is envious of other people’s stuff or success, you will have challenges making deep connections with others. Superficial people are basic and boring, and they never go deeply talking about topics.
  2. Self-centered – many self-centered people don’t realize that they are. Self-centered people talk about themself incessantly and are only concerned about things in the outside world and how they affect them.
  3. Negative – viewing the glass as always half empty is the worst. These people always think about the worst-case scenario. People want to be surrounded by fun and optimistic people that exude positive energy.
  4. No purpose or passion – once you determine your passion, everything in life changes. You’ll be infused with invigoration, making deeper connections because you’re more passionate about life. If you need help uncovering your passion, check out the class “Discovering Success: 7 Exercises to Uncover Your Purpose, Passion, and Path” by Emma Gannon on Skillshare (use code ALPHAM for 30-days free).
  5. Playing it safe – there’s nothing wrong with being a bit risk-averse, but if you’re not willing to step outside the box for challenges, you may be boring.
  6. Non-verbal communication – people form an opinion about you and the first three seconds upon meeting you, which is based on nonverbal communication. If your style and/or grooming are weak, you may not be given opportunities. However, if you dress with purpose and intention, people will automatically think you’re more interesting and exciting. Style is a great equalizer. If you look and feel good, people can tell.
  7. Grinding 24/7 – if you don’t ever take downtime, you’ll be viewed as boring. In today’s hustle culture, we feel like we’re not being productive if we’re not grinding. Taking time off to decompress is critical as the brain needs to rest.
  8. Staying home –  suppose you do the same routine every day, every week, and every weekend. In that case, it’s time for an impromptu trip or to try a different place for dinner. Variety is the spice of life. Go out and try new things!
  9. Can’t laugh at yourself – those that are super serious all the time and can’t take a joke are annoying. People want to be around those who can laugh, have fun, and be playful, even if it’s a joke at their own expense.
  10. Lack of self-esteem or confidence – confidence is intoxicating. When we meet somebody that exemplifies a confident individual, we are automatically drawn to them because confidence is sexy. If you’re insecure or have weak body language, people will view you as somebody they don’t want to hang out with.

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