7 Things Men ALWAYS Have in Their Bedroom… That Boys NEVER Do!

September 19, 2022
Welcome to my bedroom! Today I have a special video for you. I am sick and tired of hearing from all the spicy senoritas that say they’re tired of coming back to your place because you need to elevate and upgrade the quality of your bedroom. Who wants to get freaky in a place where it looks like a little boy lives? Zero chance for action! On that note, I’m going over a few things that men having their bedrooms that little boys don’t.

Bedrooms that separate men from the boys

  1. When you lived at home, everything you owned was in one room as a child, so it tended to get a bit chaotic and cluttered. But as you evolve and move out of the house, you have more room to spread out. Your bedroom is one of those areas where you have to ensure you don’t have a lot of crap everywhere. If you do, you automatically look like a slob, and you’re lazy. Get organized.
  2. You want your room to smell fresh as opposed to nasty. Light some candles to provide a pleasant aroma, mood, and ambiance. Do not use Febreze or air fresheners.
  3. Nothing screams “you’re a little boy” than a mattress on the floor. Look responsible and respectable with a masculine bed frame. Mine has metal rivets in a great cream herringbone design. It’s not over the top. Another one of the bed frames in my house has charcoal gray fabric the headboard isn’t super gigantic, but it has clean lines, and the bed is elevated, adding more depth and dimension to your room.
  4. Bedding is a quick and easy thing you can do to automatically elevate and upgrade the aesthetic of your room. Purchase some nicer sheets with some accent pillows. These additions will add a little flavor and flair to your room and express your individual style. I’m a big fan of white because it looks clean and it matches anything. Make sure your sheets are high quality and soft.
  5. You sleep for 8 to 10 hours a night, so you need a high-quality mattress. You will wake up feeling more refreshed. My wife and I rock the Helix Midnight Lux mattress from Helix. We took a quiz to identify which mattress is the best for how we sleep. Then, we got it shipped directly to our door. Visit Helix to get up to $200 off a personalized mattress + two free pillows.
  6. Add some sort of cool full-length mirror or some interesting wall hangings.
  7. You need to have somewhere to sit so you don’t do everything in your bed. You should only lay in your bed to (a) get freaky and (b) sleep. So you need a place to sit, work, watch TV, or put your shoes on. Add a chair to your room. I also use my chair to meditate after putting on some music.
  8. Every single one of you should have a plant in your bedroom window. It brings life into your room, it shows that you’re a sensitive dude, and it’s relaxing. You could also try adding a succulent or cactus if you are not responsible for watering a plant. These types of plans are lower maintenance. Plants will bring depth and dimension to your bedroom.
  9. Side table lamps rather than harsh overhead lighting separate the men from the boys. Lamps add softness and ambiance. Plus, you can find some really interesting masculine lamps that won’t break the budget.
  10. You’re the man if your closet is clean and organized with a place for everything! But if you have a lot of chaos and clutter, you look like a little boy.

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