5 Muscles Women Find MOST Attractive on Men

January 6, 2023
When it comes to attraction, different factors play into it. Everything from your confidence to how you interact with others but also some physical aspects come into play, such as your bone structure, eye color, hair color, deep voice, facial hair, and body. According to research, all muscles were not created equal regarding attraction.

That said, I want to go over five muscles that women find most attractive and sexually desirable. I will also cover the best ways to build them from my experience. The bottom line is you need to work all of the muscles, the total body, for symmetry. Don’t neglect any because even though women may find a specific muscle sexier than others, you need a well-balanced and symmetrical body that’s aesthetic.


But first, disclaimers. (a) I’m covering specific muscles, but you need to work every muscle to have an amazing body. It’s about symmetry and balance. (b) The second disclaimer is that you can develop an amazing body without using performance-enhancing drugs or TRT. I’m a testament to a healthy lifestyle where consistency can build an incredible body. So, don’t compare yourself to other people online who are juiced to the gills. (c) Last, if you’re just starting, stagnant, or stuck not getting the results you want, I recommend the Alpha Progression app. I’ve talked about it before because it’s the best tool I have found that has a no-BS approach to building muscle and helping you work through progressive overload.

Women are sexually attracted to these muscles

  1. Glutes. Deep squats activate your glutes much better than hip thrusts. Squats activate every muscle in your body and help increase testosterone levels. When you lift heavy and move a lot of muscles, such as in compound movements, your body is more willing to release testosterone.
  2. Obliques. These are the sexy finger muscles that are running alongside your abs. The v-cut is tied together with these muscles and the whole lower ab region. The only way you’ll get a sexy midsection is to have a low body fat percentage. All the crunches and ab work will not give you abs if your body fat level is too high. Reduce body fat by reducing the number of calories you’re consuming. To build them, increase the depth of separation between the muscles by performing cable crunches. Also, decline abs with a weight/ball and leg lifts are favorites to work this body part.
  3. Pecs. Do bench presses to get them ripped, chiseled, and strong. The bench press is the number one exercise you can do to build a strong chest. Dips are also one of my all-time favorites for the chest, which you can add a bit of weight. You can use an assisted dip machine if you’re not strong enough to do dips.
  4. Delts. Senoritas will want to rip your clothes off because of the nice taper drop from the shoulders down to your waist. Delts have three parts which include the front, mid, and rear. You need to work all three heads to have well-rounded shoulders. The shoulder press is a must-have exercise, in which you can use dumbbells or a bar. I also love side (lateral) raises which don’t worry about how much weight you’re using (I use 15 to 20 lbs). Focus on the form and contraction, and do a controlled movement with a pause. You can do them seated or standing and change your hand position. I also love the rear peck deck, performing it slowly and controlled. You could also try face pulls and bent-over side raises.
  5. Biceps. Your bicep makes up 1/3 of the size of your muscle. If you want to get your arms bigger, you need to work your biceps and focus on the triceps. Triceps make up 2/3 the size of your arm, so doing bicep curls will not get it done. I love a straight bar curl slowly with a squeeze with elbows pinned to the side. There are so many variations of the barbell curl that it’s insane. I also love getting some lighter dumbbells and doing a lot of reps. Slowly with a squeeze gets the blood pumping and flowing. In terms of triceps, I love overhead extensions, push-downs with a pause, and extensions with a rope. Skull crushers super-setted with tricep dips are a must-try.

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