12 STRANGE Places to Touch a Woman to Make Her Go WILD!

July 13, 2022
Do you think it’s a bad sign that my wife gave me this article about the lesser-known erogenous zones? I asked her if she was sending this to me because I needed to know something I was not doing. She said it was not for me but for my guys to let them know about this stuff. She said she’s absolutely looking after you all. So today, I’m going over some weird places on the female body that will get her engine rolling.

Erogenous zones are areas on her body that have heightened sensitivity. Stimulating them will make her want to do animalistic, dirty, and sexy things. Then keep your action going with Roman Swipes. Get Roman Swipes for $10 off + free 2-day shipping. They are a GAME CHANGER!

How to stimulate her erogenous zones

  1. Tip of the nose – the tissue that makes up your nose is similar to the men’s tissue that becomes engorged with blood. A tonguing action on the nostrils has been shown to get spicy señoritas’ engines revving.
  2. Ears – nibbling, sucking, and licking her ears may take some experimenting because we are all wired differently.
  3. Scalp – stimulating the scalp releases oxytocin, which is a love hormone. Think about it: many people love to have their hair pulled.
  4. Armpits – for this one, it’s when the armpits smell a bit musky. This zone is one of the most erotic and erroneous zones because of the pheromones (a chemical that your body excretes to change the actions of others).
  5. Between boobs – the skin between them is incredibly sensitive to light touching.
  6. Hip bone area – kissing, touching, and caressing the hip region, in general, is super sexy.
  7. Lower back – when it comes to next-level, it’s this zone because a lot of nerve endings go directly through and interact with her pelvic region.
  8. Forehead and eyelids – these two areas have a lot of sensitivity. Research has shown that kissing, licking, or touching either slightly is incredibly sexual.
  9. Inner wrist – this area is super potent with many nerve endings for stimulation.
  10. Nape of the neck – although this area is super awesome, refrain from hickeys, which make you look low-budget and trashy.
  11. Behind the knee – this is where the magic happens.
  12. Feet and toes – some people hate having their feet touched, and others absolutely love it. Some find it incredibly disgusting and annoying whether kissed, licked, or sucked. You have to figure out what type of sexy senorita yours is. Perhaps a foot massage is preferred.

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