The #1 Thing Men Should Start Chasing {NOT GIRLS or MONEY}!

September 1, 2022
Money and sex are two incredibly intoxicating things. There’s more to life than driving a fancy car, wearing a nice watch, and getting spicy action. Sure, they are alluring and motivating, and many men mask their insecurities by seeking out those two things. These men think that if they have a lot of money, buy a lot of stuff, and get a lot of girls, they will fulfill something they’re lacking in their life. They think it will make them happy when the truth is it will leave them shallow and seek satisfaction in other areas. And sometimes those other areas are bad. I want to go over a few more important things to chase than money and sex.

What men should be truly going after in life

  • Self-respect is another word for self-esteem. I look around at social media and see all the stupid people posting with their bodies hanging out just for people to ‘like’ and drool over.
  • Focus on doing something for a living that you love. So much emphasis has been on making a lot of money, but money doesn’t make you happy. It gives you the ability to solve problems easier, changing your life.
  • Surround yourself with higher caliber people, which is powerful. Find your tribe and people who will lift you up, which are powerful benefits to your life.
  • Health does not mean six-pack abs are huge biceps if you are doing detrimental things to your health like taking performance-enhancing drugs or TRT. Chase your health by eating a healthy diet, not smoking anything, not drinking energy drinks, and not drinking alcohol in excess. Every day you should take a high-quality multivitamin. I love Ritual Essential, which helps me get 10 hard-to-get micronutrients.
  • Men really need to focus on their mental health. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma associated with men asking for help since they’re supposed to be strong and resilient. To be truly happy, you must deal with what’s happening in your head; sometimes, it’s not pretty. Get some therapy if you don’t have the tools to help yourself.
  • Make a connection to your higher power. Whatever higher power means to you, whoever your god is, whatever it looks like, a spiritual connection is essential. But this connection doesn’t have to be an organized religion. Having some awareness or expression of your spiritual self is vital in today’s world. We are getting bombarded by trash and toxic energy that it’s hard to be grounded. When you’re connected to a higher power, you will not let the little sh!t bother you as much.
  • Engage in experiences such as travel, new restaurants, and experiencing the world. These experiences will add context, texture, and richness to your life.
  • Seek out knowledge with everything and anything. The more you get your hands on, the more you learn, directly impacting your life. You will not look at the world in a one-dimensional view through a keyhole. Through exploring, you’ll be more compassionate and connected with other people.
  • Have compassion not only for yourself and for forgiving yourself but for others as well. Realize that the world takes all types. Unfortunately, we have gotten so divided because we don’t want to believe that certain people want to be in certain ways. It’s okay to be different.
  • Start living for yourself and stop doing for other people. Stop trying to please everybody. Focus on making yourself happy and chase confidence. When you’re truly confident, you will feel fulfilled.

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