10 UGLY Items You Should NEVER Wear… EVER!

November 27, 2020
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Alpha has personal style pet peeves that fire him up! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† https://iamalpham.com/ AaronMarino https://aaronmarino.com/ Pete & Pedro https://peteandpedro.com/ Tiege Hanley https://www.tiege.com/and ENEMY https://enemy.com/ says some of his Alpha M. subscribers are wearing things that they should NEVER EVER wear!

Alpha’s UGLY List

  1. Dandruff flakes on your sexy black shirt — wearing flakes on your shirt is not sexy. Use a shampoo with coal tar in it for your hair and a beard oil for your beard.
  2. Animal hair on your super sexy sweaters or jacket — it will kill your style! You must use a lint roller before leaving the house — even scotch tape will work.
  3. Pants with pocket flare — if your body is not built for slim/skinny jeans (giant hog or big booty), you need to size up or look for a different fit of pants. For suit pants, a tailor can let the seat out.
  4. Black suits suck! — don’t buy one unless you’re a limo driver.
  5. Over accessorization — you will look ridiculous with accessory overkill. Alpha loves accessories, especially a badass watch like the ones he customized from MVMT. He switched around with the straps to change the look and feel of his MVMT watches. You can buy a MVMT watch with their current insane sale and then add a strap to your order.
  6. Boxy basic leather jacket — a lot of dudes get boring jacket, but there’s nothing better than slipping on a badass leather jacket. Look for one with style, edge, and perfect fit. Make sure to size down.
  7. Fitness superheroes — they are head-to-toe in tight ass sh!t. These guys don’t look as good as they think they do. Also, yellow pit-stained white tee shirts are ugly.
  8. Off-the-rack dress shirts — these are big and boxy. Even if you buy slim fit, they weren’t built for your body. Use a store where you can build custom shirt for you.
  9. Long goatee — when it’s big, bold, and bushy, it’s automatically ugly and creepy. Long mustaches that go into your mouth are also ugly.
  10. Striped polo shirt — this type of shirt tops Alpha’s ugly list.



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