Top 10 Men’s Dating DONT’S!

June 20, 2023
Here are some ways that you have been screwing the dating pooch.
  1. Settling for less. I am talking about somebody who is not worth your time and is below your standards. Unfortunately, many guys will take what they can instead of what they want because they fear failure. So they settle. It’s critical to man up.
  2. Not wrapping the rascal. You need to use condoms because if you don’t, you could destroy or potentially significantly alter the trajectory and direction of your life. Don’t believe the birth control hype. Birth control is your responsibility, and abstinence is the only way you’ll protect yourself 100%. If you’re going to do it, wear a rubber. Condoms will help protect you from unwanted pregnancies and STDs.
  3. Having stinky balls. Fresh testicles are essential. If you are not powdering them, you are not caring for them. Also, it’s funky if you are rocking a monster man bush down your pants. Make sure to manscape as hair traps odor and wetness making a hot, stinky steamy mess. Ensure you use a non-talc-based powder daily before leaving the house. Pete & Pedro Body and Balls Powder is talc-free and will not leave you a chalky mess. Combine the powder with Pete & Pedro’s Body Bar Soap and Pete & Pedro’s Fresh Deodorant, and you have a naturally derived trio, free of paraffin and harmful ingredients that will jack up your endocrine system.
  4. Being something that you’re not. If you’re bragging and trying to impress by exaggerating the truth, it’s a big mistake. Don’t try to be something you’re not when you are already amazing. She should like you for who you are.
  5. Not paying for the date. Whether you should pay or not is a million-dollar question. It’s not black and white. But if you ask somebody out, 100% you have to pay. You need to plan, get ready, and have a nice time but don’t overdo it. During the beginning stages of dating, many guys overdo it and set the bar high for the relationship. However, once in a relationship, you could alternate splitting the bill.
  6. Begging and simping. If it’s not working and she’s not giving you signs and signals, she’s not interested. If she’s not returning your texts or she pulls away when you try to give her a hug or kiss, don’t keep trying.
  7. Not going out. You need to explore to meet somebody because you can’t if you’re sitting on the couch playing video games.
  8. Being a puss. If you don’t have a job, are a pushover, and don’t stand up for yourself because you’re a people pleaser, she will dump you.
  9. Making sex mistakes. (a) Having sex on the first date. Don’t drink or get wasted on the first, second, or third date. All inhibitions will go out the window. (b) Being selfish in the bedroom. Porn is not reality, so don’t use it as an example of how you should be with your spicy senorita. Build excitement and anticipation, which starts early in the evening.
  10. Not continuing as you were. (a) Once you’re in a relationship, you should continue to date. Many people get lazy, and it happens to the best of us. You get comfortable, and you stop trying to put time into dating. (b) Letting yourself go. A lot of men get sloppy fat with man boobs. It’s your responsibility to continue to make her attracted to you. Take care of yourself physically.

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