10 Style Items That Make Men Look CREEPY!

May 11, 2022
Some items that a man wears makes him look extra sexy. A well-tailored suit is an example. But some items make a guy look feminine, like Toms shoes. Some items make men look like a huge dork; boat shoes are an example of this. But everybody knows that if a dude wears a leather jacket, he is automatically looking like a badass. Today, we’re talking about items that will make you look creepy!

Don’t look like a CREEP!

  1. Wearing sunglasses inside – no matter how cool the sunglasses are, you will look like a douche wearing them inside a building.
  2. Facial piercings and neck/face tattoos – whether an eyebrow, lip ring, or nose ring, you look weird. You also look creepy and scummy. Also, neck or face tattoos will automatically make you look low budget and creepy. You also may not get the job or date you want.
  3. Wearing too many bracelets, necklaces, or rings – over accessorizing makes you look a bit weird like you have no clue in terms of style. It makes you look like you’re trying way too hard to be cool.
  4. Old dudes wearing young dudes clothing – nothing makes an old dude look creepier than when he’s wearing super young dude gear like American eagle, Abercrombie, True Religion, or Hollister. If you walk into a store and everybody is 20 years younger, it’s the wrong store.
  5. Dying your hair an unnatural shade – there’s nothing wrong with getting older or going gray. Embrace it but still dress incredibly stylish. Also, any type of blue, pink, yellow, green, or red hair is weird and creepy.
  6. Wearing pants that are hanging off your ass – seeing underwear is not sexy or cool and makes you look low budget and foolish. Use a belt to keep your pants up. But don’t wear a beat-up or nasty belt.  No self-respecting guy would rock a worn-out belt. It makes you look horrible, and it makes your outfit look like crap. The Anson Belt is the cleanest and sexiest belt on the market because their belts have no holes. They work on a track system with micro adjustments.
  7. Wearing wife beater t-shirts – wearing a wife beater or any tank top makes me wonder what’s wrong with the guy. Is he trying to show off? It makes him look creepy.
  8. Showing too much man cleavage – two buttons is the magic number. I personally feel like three buttons is perfection in terms of sexiness, but from what I understand it makes you look a little bit creepy.
  9. Any type of Affliction or Affliction-looking gear – it was in style at one point, but if you’re still rocking these t-shirts with crucifixes and skulls or the pants with blinged butts and pockets with big fat buttons, you look absolutely creepy.
  10. Wearing wire rimmed glasses – instead wear something cool and badass like a tortoise shell or something more substantial and thicker.

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