Ryan Michler Interview – How To Save Your Relationship By Being A Better Man

January 26, 2021

Gentlemen, welcome to another NEW episode of the Alpha M Podcast. In this episode, I sat down with a good friend and inspiring dude Ryan Michler… someone who’s doing amazing work encouraging men to become better versions of themselves and someone who has clear opinions on the current state of masculinity.

In this interview, we speak about:

– From the brink of divorce to happy as ever, how he salvaged his relationship by focusing on himself

– The importance of tasking risks in life and business

– The purpose behind Order of Man and his future goals

– Taking the ‘leap’, and doing something you enjoy as your career

– Why surrounding yourself with the right people is key to becoming a better man

– The current state of masculinity and what men are doing wrong right now

– The hardest guest Ryan has interviewed on his podcast Plus so much more…

Man, this was a BIG episode!

From business to becoming a better man, you’ll enjoy this one.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode!

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